Wednesday 8/7/19

Warm up:
Easy 500m row
2 Rounds
5 single leg RDL / side
5 goblet squats
5 / side SA bent over rows
5 KB high pulls

Strength (After WOD): Ring MU development

Rx – 5 sets:
On set 1 perform 1 strict ring MU + max kipping ring MU’s
For each additional set aim for approx 80% of prior set (i.e. if you
got 5, aim for 4)
Scaled: 30 sec fall grip hang (accumulate as needed), then 5 sets:
3 Chest to ring pull ups or appropriate scale + 2 baby ring MU
3-5 baby ring MU

WOD: 2K row for time (compare to 7/3/19)
1K recovery walk / jog (NFT)

Accessory: Supersets – choose 1 or both, depending on needs
A1) ME feet elevated ring row
A2) 12 band pull aparts
B1) Child’s pose lat stretch
B2) Shouder mobility reach