Wednesday 4/18/18

Strength: Legless rope climbs (12 min block, goal = 6 total ascents)

Rx+: L-sit
Rx legless
Scaled: Standard climb or pull to stand
*Focus on quality, not numbers. This can also be time for skill practice!

WOD: Tabata (20 sec work, 10 sec rest, 8 rounds per station, 1 min rest between stations)
A) Bike
B) Hollow Rock
C) Plank to KB Swing (Russian, 70/53)
D) DU’s

3-position pull ups

Pause at bottom, mid position (humerus parallel to floor), and top (chin over bar)

Aim for same timing as last week, but start from bottom position

Mobility: 90-120 sec per side, min 30 sec hold, start with what you need most!
Child’s pose lat stretch
Hip 90/90 position
Wrist Extension stretch