Wednesday 3/28/18

Strength: None
WOD: 40 min at a moderate pace, 5 rounds max
A) Double Unders (record number completed and how many sets to completion)
Advanced – 150 reps
Intermediate 50-100 reps
Beginner – 2 min practice or 50 reps
*See coach for help with scaling options, due to number of rounds, reps will not be increased for SU
C) Carry to end of fence and back, heavy KB or DB at side, lighter KB in rack position on opposite side (roughly 70%), switch hands for return
C) 10-15 GHD sit ups / weighted sit ups
*see coach for help with numbers, do not overdo these!
D) Banded Pallof Press x 10 / side
Accessory: If you finish 5 rounds, see a coach and ask for help finding a mobility drill that you need to work on.