Wednesday 3/11/20

Warm up:
Jog 200m
High knees from speed bump to end of building
Butt kicks  to speed bump
Lateral shuffle R to line
Lateral shuffle L to end of fence
Jog back inside
10 lunge hip stretches
10 downward dog calf stretches

Strength (after WOD): 3-5 Rounds, NFT
5 Turkish sit ups ea side
30 flutter kicks

WOD: 5k run for time

Accessory: 3 x 30 sec ea
Box pigeon pose
1/2 kneeling rocking ankle dorsiflexion

Notes: 5K distance may be scaled at coach’s discretion. May substitute
5k row as needed. Turkish sit ups should be heavy, but allow for
motion. Ensure athletes maintain hollow during flutter kicks.