Wednesday 2/15/17

Warm up: Rowling – 4 frames

4 x 100m / person

Penalty (capped at 10 reps)

  1. Air squats
  2. Mountain climbers (per leg)
  3. Plank shoulder touches (total reps)
  4. Burpees

Endurance: 3,000 m partner row for total time

Switch every 500 m

WOD: 12 min ladder – 12,14,16,18,20,22… (start at 12, add 2 reps / round, does not stop until 12 min)

Alt DB snatch 50/30

DU’s (x3 singles = 36, 42, 48, 54, 60, 66… / add 6 per round)

Accessory: T-spine and shoulder mobility – flexion and external rotation


Endurance: Work as a team and focus on minimizing transition time!

WOD: Snatch weight should be light enough to allow for initial sets to be completed unbroken. Due to equipment limitations, multiple heats and scaling (up/down) may be required. Experienced athletes may use KB snatches, however they should be comfortable with DB snatches prior to the Open.