Wednesday 11/27/19

Warm up:
Jog 300m, then
2 Rounds with light KB (recommended 35/26)
10 Sumo DL
8 Hip hinges with KB behind back
6 Goblet squats
4 / side single leg KB DL
2 KB halos
*Choose weight based on upright row

Strength: Snatch Grip DL

WOD: Tabata
A) Bike
B) Suitcase Hold (switch hands after ea rep)
C) Row
D ) Suitcase Hold (as before)
*score is total calories, record suitcase hold weight in notes

Accessory: 3 x 30 sec ea
Sumo stance forward fold with wrist extension
Half kneeling hip extension (ea side)

Notes: Snatch grip DL implies that the hands are wide, but does not
require the athlete to set up with the same hip position as a snatch
(Snatch DL). No alternated grip. Hook grip recommended but not
mandatory today. Straps allowed if desired. Suitcase hold performed
with one dumbbell, kettlebell or farmers carry tube. No Rx, but should
be difficulty for 20 second holds.