Wednesday 11/20/19

Warm up:
2 Rounds
5 / side Downward dog calf stretch
5 / side Plank shoulder touches
5-cone pattern
jog / back pedal (50%)
bear crawl
jog/ back pedal (65%)
normal pattern (85%)

Strength: 3 Rounds, NFT
3 min plank complex (side, standard, side, switch every 30 sec)
KB Rack carry to end of fence (Rx 53/35)
KB Palms forward farmers carry back

WOD (PERFORMED FIRST): 5 Rounds (every 3-4 min)
5-cone suicide (for time)
20 hollow rocks (NFT)
*Score is fastest time for suicide

Notes: Stagger as needed based on class size, but perform cone
suicides first if possible. Score is fastest time, so athlete may use
1st or 1st and 2nd round as continued warm up. Rounds 3-5 should be
max efffort even is score does not improve.