Wednesday 1/15/20

Warm up: 6 Min @ moderate pace
Row 90 sec
4 Prying goblet squats (light KB)
4 Scapular wall slides
4 V-ups

TGU Review

WOD: Every 30 sec for 30 min
A) AMRAP WBS (20/14)
B) 1 TGU (53/35) L
C) AMRAP Cal Row
D) 1 TGU (53/35) R
Score is total reps. For TGU do not perform more than 1 rep / round

Accessory: 3 x 30 sec ea
1/2 kneeling hip extension
Cobra with sidebend

Notes: Carry whiteboard or notebook as needed. It is recommended that
athletes select a goal number of repetitions for each movement to
assist with pacing. For example if your goal was to get at least 45
TTB, start with 8 ea round (yields 48 total). You may increase if able
in later rounds, but this will minimize the chance of burning out
early in the workout. Athletes who are able to go unbroken for the 30
sec will have to focus on cycle time / high power output.