Wednesday 1/1/20

Warm up: 400m med ball Indian run
Then on hold until coach’s call
A) Active Hang
B) Hollow Body hold
C) 1/2 Squat
D) Squat
*additional warm up time provided after WOD review

Strength: None

WOD: Partner WOD, 35 min soft cap
Buy in OR cash out (perform once): 2020m row (split as desired)
Then 10 rounds of “Lucky 7’s” (team total, split as desired)
7 Bar MU (Scale = Hardest possible pull up version only)
7 DB Clusters (Rx+ 70/50, Rx 50/35, 35/25)

Mandatory: Cheer on others!
Optional: 3 Rounds
Lizard pose – 30 sec / side
15-30 Hollow rocks

Notes: Partners will share a rower and may perform the 2,020m at
either the beginning or the end of the workout. This allows for up to
28 people to complete the workout at once. If class exceeds  this size
additional options will be provided. MU scaling = bar MU > Belly to
Bar PU > C2B Pull up > Pull up > Feet elevated Ring Row > Ring Row.
Jumping MU may be used by athletes ALREADY proficient in this