Tuesday February 7th

Warm up: 5,4,3,2,1

Strict Press (45/35)

Pause Back Squat (45/35

Burpees with max jump height

Strength: Push Press

15 min to work up to a 3RM

Then 2 x 3 @ 90% of today’s 3RM

WOD: 21 min alternating EMOM

  1. 3 Back Squats @ 75%
  2. 5 stretch push ups
  3. 50 ft bear crawl

Accessory: None


Scale warm up weight for press if greater than 33% of max.

Stretch push ups are performed with hands and feet on 45lb plates. The athlete’s chest should come through the plates and touch the ground at the bottom of the movment. Scaling options may include decreasing the deficit (25lb plate) or elevating the hands relative to the feet.

For the EMOM, 75% should not be a 3RM, focus on remaining explosive during the concentric phase of all reps.