Tuesday 7/9/19

Warm up:
2 Rounds
1 min bike or row
10 bridges
2-3 Rounds (coach’s choice) – hold each position until coach’s call
1) Clean set up
2) Above the knee hang
3) Power position (body upright, knees flexed)
4) Power Clean receiving position (perform power position PC and hold
receiving position)
5) Recover (standing with bar in rack position)
6) Dip (bar in rack)
7) Split jerk receiving position (in split, bar overhead)
8) 4 x press in split (perform presses in split position, address any
9) Recover (Jerk finish position)
10) Reset (back to 1)


A) 12 min EMOM
1 Power Clean + 3 Split Jerks – start @ 65% and increase as able
without compromising technique

 B) Pull up 21’s
2 sets
See coach for scaling options