Tuesday 5/22/18

Strength: Strict Chest to Ring Pull ups
5 x 3, pulling as low as possible
*Rest approx. 2 min between sets
WOD: 24 min alternating EMOM
Min 0-11
A) 5-10 C2B pull ups (+ 1 rep from last week or add weight vest)
B) 30 sec max cal bike (aim for higher total than last week)
Min 12-23
A) 1 Rope climb (x2 pull to stand)
B) Jog to end of fence and back
*Note: If training for Rx murph this entire EMOM may be performed with 20b vest
Accessory: Accumulate 2 min ea side; minimum 30 sec holds
Child’s pose lat stretch
Wrist extension stretch (perform bilaterally)