Tuesday 2/18/20

Warm up:
5 Unloaded good mornings (2 sec hold)
50 ft bear crawl – high hips
5 Prying squat holds (2 sec hold)
50 ft over unders facing cinderblock wall
5 Prisoner squats (2 sec hold)
50 ft over unders back to cinderblocks
5 squat jumps
Then 2 min row,  starting slow building to expected 2K pace

Strength (after WOD): Anderson Front Squat, 25 min running clock
A)15 min to build up to a heavy set of 5 (must be unbroken with bar
coming to rest at bottom)
B) 10 min to complete 10 singles at same weight as A) – focus on SPEED
*Newer athletes substitute pause FS

WOD: 2K Row for time, 12 min soft cap

Accessory: 3 Rounds
10 L-sit lift offs + 30 sec bilateral hamstring stretch
3 Shrimp Squats + 30 sec half kneeling quad stretch

Notes: Anderson squats are performed in back racks with the bar
resting on the safety pins. Bar height should be set to at lowest
position of front squat, but should be adjusted up if athlete is
unable to achieve neutral spine. For set of 5 athlete must allow the
bar to come to a rest between each rep. Athletes should be paired by
depth and weight if possible, but  changing plates is easier than
changing the safety pins, so pairing by pin height takes priory.
Wooden jerk blocks may be used to create a fourth lifting station.
Newer athletes can perform pause front squat or goblet squat working
up to a challenging set of 5.