Tuesday 11/26/19

Warm up: 3 Rounds
Row 1 min (increase pace ea round)
15 DU’s (Scale = penguin claps ea round)

Strength (After WOD): 12 min Alternating EMOM
Chose 3 (holds may range from 5-30 sec, stretches 30 sec)
B) L-sits
C) Inversions
D) Planks
E) Stretching
*See notes for further details

WOD: Teams of 3, 30 min cap
6K Row (as a team, split any way you like)
Annie (individually, each athlete must complete all reps)
*Only one member rows at at time. Reps for Annie may not be shared.
See notes for further details.

Accessory (Mandatory): Name at least one thing you are thankful for!

Notes: For the WOD athletes will complete a 6K team row. Only one
partner may row at at time. The partners who are not rowing may chip
away at “Annie” in any way they see fit. The goal  is to complete
“Annie” during the rest times without interfering with the row. All
athletes must be finished with both portions before the WOD is
complete. It is strongly recommended that athletes use a white board
or paper to check off reps of “Annie” as they go. For the “Strength”
portion, athletes will create their own alternating EMOM based on
needs. With three movements, they will get 4 rounds of each. Examples
could include (1) 4 Rounds of A) 10-sec L-sit, B) 15-sec wall facing
handstand, C) 30 sec straddle sit (2) 4 Rounds of A) 10 sec / side
front scale, (B) 30 sec plank, C) 30 sec butterfly stretch. Allow
athletes to be created, but be prepared to choose for them if they
don’t have any ideas.