Tuesday 10/22/19

Warm up: 3 Rounds, 9 min cap100 ft jog2 Baby MU3 x 3-way lunge
complex4 Pause squats (2 sec in hole)5 HPC (increase weight ea round)

Strength (After WOD): Front Rack Lunges
Working sets: 3 x 12 (total), increase weight as able

WOD (Performed first): “Nasty Girls” – 3 RFT, 18 min cap
50 Air Squats
7 Ring MU
10 Hang PC (135/95)

Accessory: 1-3 Rounds, NFT
100 ft banded lateral walk
10 sec eccentric pull up + ME kipping pull ups
30 sec couch stretch per side
15 band pull aparts

Notes: Ring MU scale = 7 pull ups + 7 dips. Belly to ring / Chest to
ring or belly to bar / chest to bar preferred (break to singles if
needed). Muscle ups should be the biggest challenge in this WOD and
it’s ok to pace them heavily for an Rx score as long as the athlete
demonstrates safe reps.