Tuesday 10/15/19

Warm up:

Lateral shuffle 100 ft

1 Bear complex with PVC

5 Scapular pull ups

5 Ring Rows

5 Beat swings

Lateral shuffle 100ft

1 Bear complex with empty bar

5 Jumping pull ups

5 Jumping chest to bar pull ups

5 Jumping bar muscle ups

Strength (After WOD): Single arm dumbbell bench press

5 x 5 AHAP

WOD (Performed First): 9 min AMRAP

1 Bear complex (Rx is 70% of last week’s heaviest set, see notes for more)

– 7 x 1 PC + 1 FS + 1 PP + 1 BS + 1 PP

1 Bar complex

– 5 x 1 Pull up + 1 C2B Pull up + 1 Bar MU

* 5 burpee penalty for setting the bar down during bear complex

**Score is complete rounds plus individual reps with every movement counting as a rep (i.e. a finished bear complex = 35 reps)

Accessory: 3-4 Rounds

5 Tempo strict chin ups (3:3:3:3), break up if needed

15 band pull aparts

Notes: Rx bear complex is individualized to 70% of last week’s max. For reference the Rx numbers would be 95/65 if we had not tested recently. Note that burpee penalty is only for the bear complex and only for setting the bar down. Athletes may rest with bar in rack, on back, or in hang position. Jumping movements are encouraged for the scale to push the conditioning stimulus.