Tuesday 1/28/20

Tuesday 1/28/20

Warm up:
Jog 400m
30 sit ups
Review Med ball clean

Strength: Tempo Front Squat, 18 min running clock
A) 12 min to build up to a heavy double @ (10:2:x:2)
B) 6 min to complete 2 additional sets @ 90% of A

WOD: For time, 18 min cap
Run 1 mile
50 Med ball cleans

Accessory: 3 x 30 sec ea
Chaos Side plank with hip abduction
Frog Pumps (30 sec unbroken)

Notes: Athletes may NOT count for themselves on tempo FS. May use
partner count or metronome. Athletes must demonstrate full hip
extension (2nd pull and finish position) and full depth squat on EVERY