Thursday 9/27/18

Strength: Rack Pulls
6 x 2 from just below knee with 3 sec pause at top.
(Should be near or above max DL, Warm ups starting at 50% of DL with initial increase of 15% and additional increases of no more than 10%)
WOD: Tabata, 20 sec work, 10 sec rest, 8 x / station
A) Bike (cal)
B) SA KB Swing (change sides ea set)
C) DU’s
D) Row (cal)
Accessory: Superset 3-4 rounds
Hollow Body Hold (goal = 30 sec)
Side plank leg raises (goal = 15 or +2 from last week)
Quadruped fire hydrants (goal = 10-15)
Side plank leg raises, other side (goal = 15 or +2 from last week)