Thursday 9/12/19

Warm up:
Row 500m,
20 sec active hang (break up as needed)
Then grab an empty bar
Coach Led Review of
Press / Push Press / Push Jerk

Strength (After WOD): 12 min EMOM
A) 6 Weighted Pull Ups
B) Rest
C) 6 Weighted Chin Ups
D) Rest
*Score is total weight moved, only unbroken sets count toward Rx Score

WOD (Performed First): 7.5 Min AMRAP
12 DL (95/65)
9 HPC (95/65)
6 PJ* (95/65)
3 Rope Climbs
*May use push press if desired

60 reps ea
GHD hip ext
Push up
*As with last week, may add weight as long as you can maintain at lest
10 reps UB
2 min ea
Hip 90/90 stretch
Shoulder mobility reach

Notes: Weight for WOD should be light. May scale to 50% of lightest
lift (HPC / PJ) as needed. Pull up / Chin up sets must be unbroken to
add weight. May scale to 2-3 reps eccentric pull ups and use as pull
up development work. Athletes will perform 3 sets of each variation.