Thursday 7/26/18

Skill: 10-15 min Handstand practice. Work with your coach to develop one of the following:
A) Handstand hold
B) Handstand walk
C) Handstand push up
WOD: 30 min AMRAP, score is number of complete rounds
5 Rounds
Row 500m
HS walk 25ft (scale = 1 wall walk + 5 steps ea direction wall facing HS walk or pike HS walk around box)
1 min rest
If you finish 5 rounds, continue AMRAP with
Run 400m
50 DU (150 singles) rest 1 min
3 sets of max effort bar hangs, record times. If greater than 30 sec, may add light plate squeezed between the thighs to increase core activation.
5 x shoulder mobility reach (no hold) between sets