Thursday 3/12/20

Warm up:
Set up your equipment first, then
5 Squats to med ball
5 Med ball front squats
5 Wall balls
5 Sumo DL
5 Sumo DL shrug slow
5 Sumo DL shrug fast
5 Sumo DL high pull
10 Box step ups
5 box jump step down
5 box jump rebound
5 Strict Presses
5 Pause push press
5 Push press
1 Row – establish settings

Strength (Optional, after WOD): Weighted pistol / pistol practice
30 reps, break up as needed, add weight if able (coach’s call)

WOD: “Fight Gone Bad” – 3 Rounds for total reps, 17 min running clock
1 min WBS (20/14)
1 min SDLHP (75/55)
1 min box jumps
1 min push press
1 min cal row
1 min rest

Accessory: Accumulate 2 min ea
Front Scale
Back Scale
Shoulder mobillity reach

Notes: Athletes may be staggered as needed during FGB. Review strategy
beforehand. A small amount of weight (counterbalance) may actually
make pistols easier, but athletes who cannot perform pistols with ease
do not need to add more than 5-10 lb. Front scale and back scale may
be modified as needed to allow for longer holds. Goal should be 20+
second holds.