Thursday 11/30/17

Warm up:

Strength: Pause Bench Press – 1 sec on chest

70-75% of max with 30 sec rests.

3 x 3 wide grip

3 x 3 standard grip

3 x 3 close grip

WOD: 6 min – score is total weight
2 reps ea 30 sec for 6 min
start at aprox 75% of max, but be ready to adjust quickly if needed. You may go up, down, or even skip a set if needed, but you should be aiming to be as consistent as possible. Score is total weight moved, but the training stimulus is what matters!

3 sets each

x10 dumbell chest flys
x8 skull crushers

3 x 20 sec per side lunge iso hold – rear knee 1 inch from ground