Thursday 11/21/19

Warm up:
10 Ring Rows (focus on lat drive)
10 Big singles
10 sec hollow body hold
10 Fast singles
10 scapular pull ups
10 Penguin Claps
Review rope climb technique

Strength (Perform after WOD, stagger if class exceeds 10 people):
Every 15 min Alternating EMOM
A) 3 Wide Grip pull ups + 3 Standard Pull ups + 3 Narrow Grip Pull ups
B) Max UB DU’s or 1 min DU practice
C) Rest
*if scaling to eccentric, only 1 rep each position

WOD (perform first): Partner WOD, 12 min AMRAP
Max Calorie bike + 12 rope climbs (scale = x 2 pull to stands)
*score is total # of calories, however 10 calories are subtracted for
each rope climb NOT completed. Bike is always in motion with only one
partner biking at a time.