Thursday 10/31/19

Warm up: 3 min bike or row

WOD: The Devil’s Bike – EMOM 13 seconds, 13 Rounds, for max calories
*If class number exceeds bikes, may partner (start on the 30 sec mark
and divide score by two), stagger (start with strength), or use

Strength: “Ask Not For Whom the Kettlebell Tolls” 3-5 Rounds NFT
100ft Kettlebell front rack carry
1 Skin the cat

Accessory: Mobility Complex
30 second quadraped adductor stretch
30 second seated hamstring stretch
30 second half lord of the fishes
30 second twisted cross
*complete on on one side then on the other, repeat as time allows.

Notes: Happy Halloween! Costumes are encouraged and athletes may take
today easy if participating in the Open. Skin the cat can be performed
on low rings or even modified to a ground version with PVC. Progress
from tuck position to lengthened position as able.