Thursday 10/24/19

Warm up: 2 Rounds
90 sec bike, row, or jog (50 foot shuttle)
5 Squat stretches
5 HR Push ups5 Ring rows
5 Scapular wall slides
Then Review Mapmakers and performat least 5 reps at WOD weight

Strength (After WOD): 6 Rounds
100ft heavy sandbag carry OR Sled push
3 / side KB half kneeling windmill

WOD: (Performed first) 30 man makers for time, no time capRx+
(50/35)Rx (35/25)Scaled (25/15)

Accessory: Mobility Complex – 30 sec ea pose, repeat as time allows
Downward dog calf stretch
Spiderman lunge
Forward Fold
Pigeon Pose
*all are 30 sec per side except forward fold

Notes: Athletes may treat today as a training day and push hard or
take today to focus on mobility and movement quality. Recommend going
light and focusing on quality if performing 20.3 on Frida