Thursday 10/17/19

Warm up: AMRAP 8

Bike or row 1 min (easy > moderate)*

Bottoms up rack carry 50 ft per side

*may partner up and trade off ea round

Strength (after WOD): 3-5 Rounds

30 sec ea side suitcase hold (HEAVY)

KB arm bar 3 x 5 breaths ea side

WOD: For max calories (20 min total time)

A) Bike Double Tabata (16 Rounds)

Rest 4 min

B) Row Double Tabata (16 Rounds)

Accessory: Perform as complex with remaining time (4 min per complex, repeat if time allows)

30 sec ea side downward dog calf stretch

30 sec ea side spiderman lunge 30 sec ea plan complex side, front, side, reverse