Saturday 1/18/20

Strength (After WOD): Superset – 4-6 rounds for quality
3 Tempo DB Row @ (3:3:3:3)
3 Tempo DB press (partial ROM) or HSPU @ (3:3:3:3)
30 sec FLR

WOD (Performed First):
30 Burpee Bar MU for time

Band lat stretch 3 x 30 sec
Stretch or bodybuilding move of choice – have fun!

Notes: Scale for Burpee bar MU will be burpee + hardest pull up
version only. For tempo DB press, athlete will pause with the DB’s at
head level on each rep to simulate bottom position of HSPU. Load as
heavily as form allows, but do not compromise tempo or form. Front
Leaning Raise (FLR) is similar to a plank, but should be performed
with hollow body scapular protraction and should feel significantly
more taxing on the abdominals than standard plank.