Christena Ellender | Member of the Month | CrossFit Thoroughbreds, Fort Myers

October Member of the Month: Christena Ellender

Member of the Month Badge | CrossFit Thoroughbreds | Fort Myers


Christena Ellender

Hometown? Moses Lake, Washington State

Age? 29

Hobbies or interests outside of Cross Fit?

Spending time with friends and family, Baking, Reading, Running and Traveling

How long have you been at CFTB?

1 year and 3 months

Favorite WOD or movements?

My favorite WODS are cardio intense ones and front or back squats (with weight though NO AIR SQUATS)

Tell us about your fitness journey?

I started playing sports at a very young age. It is probably easier to list the ones I haven’t played than to list all the ones I have. I was naturally pretty great at every one I tried. But after moving to Florida in 2002 the competitive sports were no longer any fun and I decided to throw in the towel. Since then running would be the only form of exercise I did until joining CFTB.
It took a lot of convincing by Steve, but I finally decided that it was time to jump back into working out and Cross Fit is what he had convinced me into. At first I only slightly liked it, I had always been naturally great at anything athletic growing up and found myself struggling with almost everything especially the air squat (still am). I had even thought about quitting quite a few times. Until Rhabdo.

I hated sucking…. So much so that I pushed my body too hard and woke up one day to arms the size of legs and spent a weeks’ “vacation” in the hospital.

Since walking away from Rhabdo, something changed for me mentally. I learned to listen to my body, and what it needed rather than pushing it to do what I wanted and expected of it. I changed my nutrition, added supplementation, TONS of water and started back at Cross Fit under the very watchful, careful, yet encouraging eye of Coach Brian. It felt like it took forever. I basically had to start from scratch again, but one day my body and brain were on the same wavelength and the progress came so much quicker than I had expected. I have made huge PRs and have LOVED Cross Fit ever since.

How has your fitness changed since joining CFTB?

CFTB has changed the way I look at fitness. It has given me more respect for my body and the amazing things it can do. Being a part of a community like CFTB has made me stronger mentally as well as physically and there is no way I am going to quit.

Favorite memory at CFTB?

Ahh, I can only choose 1? Every moment at CFTB has been incredibly significant, but my favorite memory would have to be my first Cross Fit competition last month. I had been itching to do one since I had started at CFTB and it was everything I expected and more and I am looking forward to the next one!

Any advice for new members or people thinking about trying Cross Fit?

It’s hard. There will be times where you will want to quit. Heck there will even be huge obstacles or health issues you may have to overcome, but stick in there, and keep your head up.
Because in the end it is worth it. I am beyond happy that I didn’t quit. Trust me every tiny bit of frustration, pain, sweat, and tears are worth what the community and sport of Cross Fit does for your mind, body and spirit.

I wasn’t like all the others who tasted the Kool-Aid and loved it right away but trust me, with time, patience and determination the Kool-Aid grows on you and MAN is it good!!!