Monday 2/17/20

Warm up: 3 Rounds
1 Shoulder CAR
15 DU’s (scale – BS, FS, PC)
1 min bike or row
Then coach led KB snatch practice

Strength (After WOD): Bench press 1 and 1/2 reps
10 x 3

WOD (performed first): 6 Min AMRAP
30 KB Snatches (44/26)
30 DU’s
*Scale as needed with goal of all sets unbroken

Acessory: 3 Rounds
12 reps incline press + 30 sec shoulder bridge
12 elevated calf raises + 30 sec calf stretch

Notes: For WOD each set of KB snatches is 30 total. Preferred scale is
SA KB swing with bent arm and 1/2 rotation (thumb up at top). Athlete
may switch hands as needed or may complete 30 on one hand and switch
hands for next round. Swing style snatch is preferred (not dead
snatch). For bench Press 1 and 1/2 reps means that athlete lowers bar
to chest, lifts half way up, lowers to chest again and then lifts to
full extension for every rep. The first 3 sets should be considered
warm up. Sets 4-10 should be at a challenging weight, but do not have
to be kept at the same load. Spotters are mandatory! Recommend approx
2 min rest between sets, coach may place a time cap based on remaining