Monday 12/2/19

Warm up:
400m jog, then
2 Rounds – 1st round coached movement by movement, second round at own pace
5 staggered stance slam ball deadlifts
5 Slam ball goblet squats
5 Bulgarian goat bag swings (with slamball)
5 Slam ball slams

Strength: Deadlift
Warm up: 5 @ 50%, 4 @ 65%, 3 @ 75%, 1-2 @ 85%
3 x 3 (aim for greater than 85%, adjust by feel)
2 x 8 (70% for first set, adjust as needed for 2nd)

WOD: For time, 6 min time cap
10, 8, 6, 4, 2
Double KB Front Squats (53/25 per hand)
Slam ball slams (20+/10+)
*2 burpee penalty for setting the bells down before completing a set

Accessory: Supersets – 3 Rounds ea
A1) Rower pike 5-10 reps, slow
A2) Rower long lever bridge to hamstring curl 5-10 reps, slow
B1) 30 sec standing hamstring stretch with foot on box + 10 sec lift off
B2) Same as above, opposite leg

Notes: Bulgarian goat bag swing simply a hip hinge with the weight
(usually a KB, but today a slam ball) held directly against the front
of the body. Emphasis is on glute and hamstring engagment. If you’re
wondering, the name is a joke. It was coined by an awesome strength
coach named Dan John (worth checking out his books). Since he was the
first to name it that’s what we’ll call it. Strength portion (DL)
should be adjusted by feel and will take the majority of class time.
WOD is meant to be fast and the goal should  be unbroken sets
throughout. Scale up or down as needed to achieve this goal