Monday 1/6/19

Warm up:(outside)
Jog 200m
high knees to end of building
butt kicks to speed bump
lateral shuffle to line
lateral suffle (opposite) to end of fence
2 Rounds, 2 sec holds
6 dynamic lizard poses
6 downward dog calf stretches

Strength: (After WOD) 3 Rounds for quality
5 Tempo RDL’s (5:1:x:1)
10 Hip Thrusts
15 / side cossack squats
200m recovery jog
*aim for less than 1 minute rest between movements, 5 min or less per round

WOD: For time1 mile run

Accessory: 3 x 30 sec ea
Piriformis stretch
Straddle sit

Notes: Scale 1 mile run if time is expected to exceed 12 minutes.
Loads for strength work may be adjusted by feel and should BE
DIFFICULT. Cossack squat may be loaded with dumbbell or KB in goblet
hold, however do not load unless form is optimal.