Monday 1/19/20

Warm up:
Jog 200m
3 Rounds
1 Pull to stand
2 Lunges ea side
2 Downward dog calf stretches
3 Front Squats
3 Push Presses
3 Thrusters

Warm up to thruster weight

WOD: “King” For time, Partner optional (30 cap)
Run 1 mile (partners run together)
15 Rope Climbs (total reps if team)
29 Thrusters (135/95, total reps if team)

Accessory: Choose your own adventure
A) Cardio Delight – Additional 1 mile run or 2K row
B) Supple Special – 3 x 30 sec ea – Lizard & Downward dog calf stetch
C) Just here for the Pump – superset 3 x 10 pec fly and barbell bicep curls

Notes: “King” is a CrossFit Thoroughbreds original and was written to
honor Dr. Martin Luther King. The rep scheme 1-15-29 is representative
of Dr. King’s Birthday, Januray 15th, 1929. The workout can be
performed individually if the athlete is capable of higher rep rope
climbs and heavy thrusters. If performed as a partner workout, the
athletes will run together and split the reps as desiered for the rope
climb and thrusters. Only one athlete will work at a time (excluding
the run). Scale for rope climb is pull to stand (x2 advance, x1 for
beginners. Thruster weight should be heavy, but should not exceed a
5RM. Depending on class size, athletes may stagger and start at
different stations.