Moday 2/13/17

Warm up: Row or bike 3 min at a moderate pace, then PVC front squat and clean review

Strength: Clean + 2 Front Squats

15 min to work up to heaviest complex of 1 clean + 2 front squats, then 2 additional sets at 90%

WOD: 3 Rounds

  1. 2 min AMRAP
    1. 10 DB cleans (50/35)
    2. 10 DB thrusters (50/35)
  2. 2 min rest
  3. 2 min ARMRAP
    1. Burpee Box jumps
  4. 2 min rest

Accessory: None


Strength: Clean should be below parallel. Newer athletes may practice clean or perform front squats only (coach’s discretion).

WOD: Focus on consistency between rounds. Burpee box step ups are recommended for newer athlete’s, but should be considered a modification. Stepping down is not considered a modification and may be a useful pacing strategy.