Jayson Carmer | Member of the Month | CrossFit Thoroughbreds Fort Myers

September Member of the Month: Jayson Carmer

Member of the Month Badge | CrossFit Thoroughbreds | Fort Myers

 Jay Carmer

Hometown:  Fenton, Michigan

Age: 39

Hobbies or Interest outside of CrossFit: I like to play golf as much as possible in my spare time. 

How long have you been at CFTB: I’ve been at CFTB for about 16 months.

Favorite WOD or movements: I like Thrusters because I feel like I get a full body workout. I like it when we do Thrusters mixed with cardio, EMOM for a WOD.

How has your fitness journey changed since joining CFTB? My fitness has changed a lot, I have learned how to do several new weight lifting movements correctly. Also, a lot of the stretching and accessory work after the workouts is good. It is something I never did before coming into CFTB.

Favorite memory at CFTB: Finally learning how to do a clean correctly. And Sue’s face when I did!!

Any advice for new members or people thinking about trying CrossFit: Give it a shot!