Friday February 10th

Warm up:

Bike or row 3 min

PVC snatch progressions

Skill: 15 min to practice hang power snatches @ 50-60% (see notes)

WOD: 300, 200, 100

Run (meters)

Carry (feet)

  1. KettlebellFarmers Carry
  2. Rack Kettlebell Carry
  3. Overhead Kettelbell Carry

Row (meters)

Accessory: Balance (as time allows)

Single leg stiff legged kettlebell deadlift or single leg reach

3 x 8 / side, focus on quality!


For the hang power snatches athletes should aim for no more than 30 reps. Newer athletes may practice in sets of three for up to 10 sets while experienced athletes may practice barbell cycling for longer sets (ex: 3 sets of 10 unbroken reps).

There is no Rx weight for the carry, but will ideally be one weight for all movements. 53/35 per hand is reasonable for the experienced man/woman, but weight should be individualized based on the athlete’s ability.