Friday 9/21/18

Strength: Pull up Isometrics
Every 30 sec (hold for 10 sec, rest for 20 sec) for 6 min
A) Chin over bar hold
B) Arm parallel hold
C) Active shoulders straight elbow hold
*goal is 10 sec, may be increased or decreased based on individual needs, add weight if 15 sec is not a challenge
WOD: Partner WOD, One partner works at a time – must complete round before partner starts. (35 min soft cap – may give as much time as class hour allows).
10 Shoulder to OH (135/95) + 1,000m row
8 Shoulder to OH (135/95) + 800m row
6 Shoulder to OH (135/95) + 600m row
4 Shoulder to OH (135/95) + 400m row
2 Shoulder to OH (135/95) + 200m row
*Rower must be reset on each switch
Quadruped T-spine rotation
5 x 5 breaths
If time remains perform skill practice for one of the following: pistol, DU, MU transition