Friday 2/14/20

Warm up: Every 30 sec for 6 min
A) 10 sec active hang + 3-5 jumping jacks
B) 10 sec pike hold + 3-5 jumping jacks
C) 10 sec hollow body hold + 3-5 jumping jacks

Chest supported Incline Row
4 x 8
30 sec hanstand hold after ea set

WOD: Partner WOD, 3 Rounds for max reps, 20 min running clock
2 min max pull ups
2 min max push press (75/55)
2 min max partner med ball sit ups
1 min rest
*One partner working at a time, switch as desired, score is total reps

Accessory: 3 x 30 sec ea
Shoulder bridge
Child’s pose lat stretch

Notes: For WOD one partner is working at a time for all stations
except partner med ball sit ups (alternating). May break up reps any
way they desire. Jumping pull ups and ring rows are both acceptable.
Should be fast paced, high intensity.