Friday 12/27/19

Warm up: 2 Rounds
2 Pull to stands
4 bottoms up presses per hand
6 KB halos (3 ea direction)
8 Goblet Squats
10 sec chin up grip active hang

Strength: 20 min alternating EMOM
A) Clean and Press (Strict)
B) Weighted Chin Up (Strict)
*score is total load moved

WOD: Teams of 2 – 6 min AMRAP
10 push ups + 1 Rope climb
switch ea round, must tag partner

100 reps banded pull down (break up as needed)
2 min t-spine extension on foam roller

Notes: Clean may be any style, press must be strict. If a rep is
missed, it may be reattempted in the minute. If not completed in the
minute that weight does not add to the total score.