Friday 11/22/19

Warm up:
Row 5 min @ 2K pace
Then 3 Rounds
5 sec squat stretch hold
5 sec hip hinge hold (back flat, hips high)
5 sec ring support
5 sec dip hold

Strength: Defecit DL
3 x 10 – increase average load approx 5% from last week’s numbers

WOD: Power “Elizabeth”, 12 min cap
21, 15, 9
Power Cleans (135/95, any style)
Ring dips

Accessory: 3 x 30 sec ea
Shoulder mobility reach
Pidgeon pose

Notes: Most athletes were guessing for last week’s deficit DL, so
increase may vary from athlete to athlete. 5% is a target, but
athlete’s may increase more or less as long as form is maintained. All
sets should be challenging. Preferred dip scale is box dip with feet
on ground (2 boxes if equipment allows).