Friday 1/10/19

Warm up:
Jog 300m or row 400, then grab a bar (PVC or barbell)
5 DL
5 Front squats
5 HC

Strength: Every 3rd Min for 15 min5 DL + 3 Hang Cleans Begin at approx
75% of Hang clean 1RM and increase if able

WOD: Sled Push / pull
3 x Push 50 ft, pull 50 ft (Rx Sled + BW / Sled + .7BW)
*score is fastest time, rest approx 3 min between rounds

Accessory: 3 x 30 sec ea
2-position ankle DF
Stretch of choice

Notes: Sled push / pull weight is the athlete’s body weight added to
the sled for men and 70% of athlete’s body weight added for women.
Smaller classes use Rogue sled only. Larger classes may use other sled
and reduce load by 45lb (or other number based on coach’s discretion).