Meghan Correy

December Member of the Month: Meghan Correy

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Meghan Correy

Hometown? Rehoboth, Massachusetts

Age? 28

Hobbies or interests outside of Cross Fit?

Tacos, movies, and reading.

How long have you been at CFTB?

Almost 2 years now!

Favorite WOD or movements?


Tell us about your fitness journey?

Well, I’m about the least motivated person out there and I was getting really sick of going to a regular gym and having to plan out what I was going to be doing that day. I would just end up doing the same things over and over and I got extremely bored with it. A few of my co-workers kept trying to get me to try CrossFit and, being my stubborn self, I didn’t want to listen to them. But finally I gave in and went to CFTB and here I am!

How has your fitness changed since joining CFTB?

Goodness, I think it has changed so much! I may not see the results that I want every single day, but looking back in my fitness journal from when I started, I just see how much I’ve grown and changed. It’s funny to me to look back and see what I thought was heavy from last year to this year. I love re-doing wod’s from months back just to see how much has changed since then.

Favorite memory at CFTB?

A memory that will stick with me forever will be when I completed my first competition with Amanda! But I would have to say that memories occur all the time at CFTB. From meeting new people, to making new friends, and to hitting PR’s!

Any advice for new members or people thinking about trying Cross Fit?

I always hear people say how intimidated they are by CrossFit and it upsets me! I think everyone should try it at least once because I think it may surprise you! You’ll definitely come to love it. I know that it has changed things for me, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well, so I think everyone can learn something from CrossFit!