Amy Martin | Member of the Month | CrossFit Thoroughbreds | Fort Myers

August Member of the Month: Amy Martin

Member of the Month Badge | CrossFit Thoroughbreds | Fort Myers

This month we honor a member who has inspired us with her consistency and positivity. Amy is a regular in the morning classes and truly embodies the sense of community that we believe in here at CrossFit Thoroughbreds. She is always there to support and cheer for those around her and this month we want to take the opportunity to cheer for her. Thank you Amy for being such an amazing member of the Thoroughbreds family!


Amy Martin

Hometown? Ochopee, Fl

Age? 40

Hobbies or interests outside of Cross Fit?

Healthier lifestyle, time with my family, outdoors activities, motorcycles and tattoos.

How long have you been at CFTB?

Since July 2015.

Favorite WOD or movements?

\My favorite movement is Deadlifts!!!

Tell us about your fitness journey?

I have always struggled with my weight as an adult. I began a few years ago where I lost 35 pounds on my own and was doing at home workouts. It just didn’t seem enough and I plateaued. I became interested in CrossFit after I worked Thunderdome in 2015. My former PA I worked with was a member of CFTB and after one Saturday session with Coach Brian, I became hooked.

How has your fitness changed since joining CFTB?

I started in July 2015 and have never lifted a weight in my life. And now a year later, at age 40 with 4 kids, I am down a total of 48 pounds with proper nutrition from Visalus, the intense workouts from CFTB, and with the support from my amazing coaches and CFTB family, I am stronger and feel better than I did in my 20s. It has been a total life changer.

Favorite memory at CFTB?

When I did my very first PR on deadlifts with Coach Jeremy.

Any advice for new members or people thinking about trying Cross Fit?

Just do it!!! There will be bad days and amazing days. Always show up and give it your all. The only one holding you back, is you!!!


Taylor Gutschow | Member of the Month | CrossFit Thoroughbreds | Fort Myers

July Member of the Month: Taylor Gutschow

Member of the Month Badge | CrossFit Thoroughbreds | Fort Myers

This month’s member of the month is someone who has inspired us all with his quiet dedication. From #manbunmonday through #thighdayfriday you can always count on Taylor to show up and put in hard work. His effort has not only led to some very impressive improvements in his fitness, but has also made Taylor an indispensable part of the 4PM class and the Thoroughbreds Family as a whole. He’s always supportive of his fellow Thoroughbreds and has volunteered his time to help with CrossFit events both inside and outside of our box. If you haven’t had the chance to get to know Taylor yet, take this month as your opportunity to do so – you’ll be glad you did!


Taylor Gutschow

Hometown? Petersburg, Michigan

Age? 25

Hobbies or interests outside of Cross Fit?

I enjoy reading, writing, and tennis. Does eating Chipotle count as a hobby?

How long have you been at CFTB?

I have been at CFTB for a little over a year.

Favorite WOD or movements?

I like running and double-unders! I would say my favorite WOD is Murph… not because I’m a glutton for punishment, but because I worked really hard this year to be able to do it with a weight vest and now I can’t do a single pull-up or push-up anymore without it seeming “easy” in comparison.

Tell us about your fitness journey?

I started out last year with the goal to eat healthier and become more active. I started running two to three a week in January and then gradually increased to running four to five times a week. Then some friends of mine told me about CFTB and how I would like it there and should give it a try. The first few weeks felt brutal, and I thought I was going to die, but then somehow I didn’t die and I could feel myself getting stronger and now I couldn’t imagine myself NOT doing Crossfit.

How has your fitness changed since joining CFTB?

A lot of the changes have been physical, but the most significant changes I feel have been mental. Before Crossfit, I had never set foot inside a gym. I started out very timid around heavy weights, and I just couldn’t seem to push through my fatigue very well. I gave up on myself a lot. Now I am mindful about my attitude and strive to push myself just a liiiiittle more each day.

Favorite memory at CFTB?

My favorite memory happened maybe three to four months after I joined CFTB. We were doing a WOD with a 45 minute cap, and there was a lot of rowing, biking, and running involved at the end. I thought for sure there was no way I could do the rowing unbroken. I was too tired. But I pushed myself and talked myself through it, and then all of a sudden I was done rowing and I hadn’t stopped! I was super excited because I had never rowed that far without stopping before. Then it was onto the biking. My legs felt wobbly, but I jumped on and set a steady pace. Partway through, my mind started telling me that I had done so well on the rowing that surely I deserved a little break on the bike. But I ignored that voice of defeat and talked myself through it just like I did with the rowing, and then all of a sudden the biking was done and again I hadn’t stopped! Now it was time for the running and my legs were dead weights, but if I didn’t rest for the rowing and the biking, I certainly wasn’t going to rest for the running. I powered through it and finished the WOD with time to spare, and I always remember that day as the first time I achieved what my mind told me was impossible.

Any advice for new members or people thinking about trying Cross Fit?

I think a lot of people are intimidated by what they’ve heard about CrossFit. I know I certainly was. I wasn’t strong, I wasn’t very fit, I had never even been to a gym before. Only the crazy strong people (or just the crazy people!) went to CrossFit. I was going to be out of my league there. But my friends were insistent that I would like the environment and the coaches, and they assured me that the only person I should be competing against was myself. In the end, I listened to them and came to CFTB… and I fell in love. Not right away, of course. It was hard work, and there were times that I wanted to give up and stay home. But I always found myself back at CFTB the next day ready for more. You get out of it what you put into it. The coaches here are great and genuinely care about you, and it’s that sense of community that keeps me coming back. Well… that and the results!


Adrienne Fox McDowell | CrossFit Thoroughbreds | Fort Myers | Member of the Month!

June Member of the Month: Adrienne Fox McDowell

Member of the Month Badge | CrossFit Thoroughbreds | Fort Myers

This month marks one year at CrossFit Thoroughbreds for Adrienne and we couldn’t be happier to have her as a part of our community! Adrienne is a dedicated athlete and constant inspiration to those around her. She is very passionate, not just about her own progress, but about supporting those around her in their health and fitness goals. If you’re a member at CrossFit Thoroughbreds and don’t already know Adrienne, take this opportunity to say hello – you’ll be glad you did!


Adrienne Fox McDowell

Hometown? Staten Island, NY

Age? 44

Hobbies or interests outside of Cross Fit?

Hanging out with my husband Martin and shopping with my daughters Amy and Amanda. I am also interested in helping others, very servant driven.

How long have you been at CFTB?

I celebrate my one year anniversary on June 6th.

Favorite WOD or movements?

Definitely deadlifts and bench press!

Tell us about your fitness journey?

I always battled my weight, went on Weight Watchers the first time at 12 years of age and have been a lifetime member since. Four years ago, I found ViSalus and the Challenge and my life was forever changed. It’s the only thing that’s worked for me and that’s kept the weight off and helped me build muscle. One of my 90-Day challenges last summer was to try CrossFit… I bought a Groupon in May and started in June: I came 5x a week all summer long and became totally addicted to it.

How has your fitness changed since joining CFTB?

I am definitely stronger, and much more confident in myself. I’ve gained 4lbs of muscle and I am looking to lean out even more in the coming year.

Favorite memory at CFTB?

I have a couple, but one that stands out is my first deadlift PR of 200lbs. Another one is finally getting to the top of the rope two weeks ago… fighting that fear of heights and watching my friends achieve new PR’s themselves.

Any advice for new members or people thinking about trying Cross Fit?

Like Nike says… JUST DO IT!!! CrossFit gives you a great sense of personal accomplishment and it’s a lot of fun and totally challenges you!


Kenny & Meagan Swartout

May Members of the Month: Kenny and Meagan Swartout

Member of the Month Badge | CrossFit Thoroughbreds | Fort Myers

They say that the family that lifts together stays together. Okay… I don’t know if anybody actually says that, but they should.

This month we honor Kenny and Meagan Swartout. Meagan is a long time member at CrossFit Thoroughbreds and has always been a great supporter our members and our community events. Despite a recent injury to her foot she has remained dedicated to her fitness and has been able to overcome this setback and return stronger than ever! Kenny is a new recruit (thanks Meagan) and has been impressing us all with his dedication and strength. We are very fortunate to have Kenny and Meagan as members of the Thoroughbreds family!


Kenny and Meagan Swartout


Kenny: Fort Myers

Meagan: I’ve lived in Cape Coral & Fort Myers, FL since birth (exciting right?)


Kenny – 43

Meagan – 35

Hobbies or interests outside of Cross Fit?

Kenny -Hanging out with my wife and kids, boating and fishing, riding my Harley

Meagan – Being a Mom, family time, boating, fishing, occasionally riding with Kenny on the Harley

How long have you been at CFTB?

Kenny – Began January 1, 2016

Meagan – I think it’s been close to 3 years

Favorite WOD or movements?

Kenny – I like most of the Olympic lifts so far, deadlifts take a strong lead

Meagan – Deadlifts, deadlifts are my favorite :)

Tell us about your fitness journey?

Kenny – I’ve been a moderate gym attendee for the past 10 years focusing mostly on getting stronger and not so much on cardio, diet, and endurance. My wife had attended CrossFit Thorougbreds for the past few years and after many requests for me to try it with her I agreed. Started the beginning of 2016 and am doing brand new routines every day and enjoying the diversity of CrossFit. Getting stronger all the time and Meagan and I have recently radically changed our diet for the better and are seeing good results with weight loss and more energy.

Meagan – I was never very active or into sports, but after 4 kids and years of not doing anything, I was desperate for a change. Started working out with a friend at a boot camp and when that came to an end, I found my way to CrossFit Thoroughbreds. I was hooked pretty shortly after I joined. I love the family atmosphere and seeing myself get stronger with each lift was pretty exciting too.

How has your fitness changed since joining CFTB?

Kenny – Dramatically! CrossFit is a game changer. I’m doing lifts I’ve never done before and accomplishing goals on a regular basis.

Meagan – I’m stronger and more confident. What more could a girl ask for? :)

Favorite memory at CFTB?

Kenny – First deadlift PR over 350lb

Meagan – I can’t narrow this down to just one. I think about watching my daughter lifting and achieving new goals. Kenny FINALLY joining us and really excelling with each new challenge. Watching all my friends get new PR’s and cheering them on. And most recently getting my stupid boot off and getting 2 PR’s my first week back without my boot!

Any advice for new members or people thinking about trying Cross Fit?

Kenny – Dive right in. CrossFit is fun and challenging and do-able for anyone.

Meagan – DO IT! You won’t regret it. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.


Hank Sarzynski | April Member of the Month | CrossFit Thoroughbreds in Fort Myers

April Member of the Month:

Member of the Month Badge | CrossFit Thoroughbreds | Fort Myers

Our Thoroughbreds Member of the Month award, like anything of value, is an honor that requires hard work, consistency, and a positive attitude. Hank Sarzynski has demonstrated all of these qualities in abundance.

Hank has been a member of the Thoroughbreds family for a little over a year now and has impressed us all with his strength and dedication. He’s a natural athlete and can change from an easygoing workout partner to a fierce competitor when it’s game time. We are lucky to have Hank among our members and hope to be a part of his fitness journey for many years to come!


Hank Sarzynski

Hometown? Eustis, FL

Age? 45

Hobbies or interests outside of Cross Fit? I enjoy working with my son in Cub Scouts and watching him grow into a young man.  I received a four wheeler for this past Christmas.  My son and I ride it on the weekends and enjoy the outdoors. We recently put up a 60 foot zip line in the backyard, lots of fun.

How long have you been at CFTB? Since March 2015

Favorite WOD or movements? Squats, Bike, and Rowing

Tell us about your fitness journey? As a kid I played football, baseball, basketball, and track & field.  I was always playing a sport or outside practicing for an event.  I was always fit and in shape.  I started lifting weights when I was 13 years old, my dad was a high school coach, so I had access to the gym 24/7.  I really did well in lifting competitions and I always liked having a goal to obtain.  I also, started to run triathlon’s and really enjoyed participating in the off seasons to keep me in shape.  After high school and college, I coached high school football for a few years and enjoyed working with the athletes.  I worked in retail management for around 10 years after that and my diet began to become poor food choices and less and less exercise.  I had always been between 180 and 195 lbs.  When I got into my thirties I started to gain weight and when I was 36 we had our son Kaz.  My son is now 9 and last year he told me, “Dad you are fat” ouch, but I know he did it out of love.  He is the reason I came to Cross Fit Thoroughbreds and also, James White, who I work with and is a great guy.  Since I have started it has been a blast and I look forward to my workout everyday, well some more than others, but I know what we do is to help us get in better shape and to be able to better perform the different movements. The reason I always loved team sports was because of the relationships and the members all working for the same goal.  I definitely feel that here at Cross Fit Thoroughbreds with the members and the coaches are excellent.

How has your fitness changed since joining CFTB? I have lost around 55 lbs since joining and my body structure has definitely changed.  I feel great everyday and my energy level has improved.  I don’t like missing a workout, because it makes me feel I cheated myself for the day.

Favorite memory at CFTB? Thoroughbreds Throwdown was by far my favorite memory.  Even when I split my lip wide open on the thrusters during the competition and taking 4 days to recover from the competition.  Thank you to Mike, Brittany, and Crystal for taking the old guy on their team.

Any advice for new members or people thinking about trying Cross Fit? Realize you can only accomplish success when you are willing to fail first.  We all have to start somewhere and it is about the journey not the finish line.  The journey is worth stopping and seeing the sites and experiences.  If you come to this gym you will be successful if you listen to Brian and the other great coaches who care about your success.

Melissa Cruz | March Member of the Month | CrossFit Thoroughbreds in Fort Myers

March Member of the Month:

Member of the Month Badge | CrossFit Thoroughbreds | Fort Myers

It’s a bittersweet celebration this month as we honor a valued member of the Thoroughbreds’ family and at the same time prepare to wish her well in the next phase of her life. Melissa Cruz has been a member of CrossFit Thoroughbreds for a mere eight months, but in this time she has made incredible progress in her fitness, formed fantastic new friendships, and even gone from a volunteer at a CrossFit competition to a competitor.  She has inspired us with her dedication to hard work and brightened our days with her ever-present smile…not to mention the fact that her hair is AMAZING!

As Melissa prepares to leave Fort Myers to study abroad and continue her journey of personal growth, we would like to say thank your for all of the positivity you have brought to the gym. Wherever life may take you, you will always be a Thoroughbred!

Member of the Month: Melissa Cruz

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Age: 22

Hobbies/interests outside of Crossfit: I have an incredible passion for creative writing as I do for cultural dances and poetic performances. When I have spare time, I try to serve the community and keep my mind fresh by reading!

How long have you been at CrossFit Thoroughbreds? Since August 2015

Favorite wod or movements? Box Jumps & Dead lifts

Tell us about your fitness journey? Growing up, fitness was never the easiest thing for me as I was the chubby kid with an intense appetite. I leaned on food on my best moments and at my worst because it was the only thing that kept me emotionally stable. When I was 15, I became so focused on the ideal body image that I started a “starvation diet”. I ate very minimal and exercised about 6 hours a day to the point where I lost 30lbs in a month and a half. I was so consumed with looking amazing that in turn it made me feel extremely lonely and exhausted! At this exact age, I was diagnosed with restricted anorexia nervosa. After many health scares in my life, I started channeling my personal weaknesses to writing and meeting new people on a daily basis. I am a firm believer that internal and external love manifests growth! Without a healthy mind, there is no healthy heart; without a healthy heart, there is no healthy life! How has your fitness changed since joining cftb? I am amazed as to how differently I look at fitness since joining CFTB! Exercising no longer feels like an obligation but a normal part of my daily schedule. CFTB has taught me many things from building patience to putting my well-being first and making my health a priority.

Favorite memory at  CFTB? From speaking with Brian about curly hair care products to creating long lasting relationships with people in different age groups, every moment at CFTB has been incredibly significant! I am extremely grateful for the constant encouragement coming from the coaches & the members and all the laughs I’ve had in the process.

Any advice for new members? “You cannot see the wind, but you can see how the trees react to it.” Although you may not see or feel immediate progress, believe that it is possible and you will achieve whatever you set your mind to. Do not think about the person you envision, BE the person you envision! & lastly, Shed light on your soul and all things positive will follow!