Entries by Cori Smith

Saturday 6/15/19

Warm up: Jog 300m or row 400m, then grab a PVC 5 ea from power position Snatch pull Snatch high pul Muscle snatch Power snatch OH squat 5 ea from above the knee hang Snatch pull Snatch high pul Muscle snatch Power snatch OH squat Strength: 15 min EMOM Hang Power Snatch *warm up to […]

Friday 6/14/19

Warm up: 2 Rounds 6 Slam ball slams 5 Supinated grip ring rows 4 Seal jacks 3 Inch worms 2 Diamond push ups 1 Min bike Strength: Banded Tempo Bench Press 12 reps, every 90 sec for 18 min @ (4:2:X:2) WOD: 3-5 Rounds, NFT (each station scored separately) A) Seated rope sled pull 50 […]

Thursday 6/13/19

Warm up: 2 Rounds 5 Good mornings 5 single leg RDL’s  10 Big singles 10 fast singles 15 DU’s or 2 x 10 penguin claps 15 Air squats Strength: 12 min EMOM Snatch grip halting DL with 3 sec pause * 6 min to warm up to starting weight, double overhand grip required, hook grip […]

Wednesday 6/12/19

Warm up: 6 min at moderate pace8 Hollow rocks6 Ring rows4 Shoulder bridges10 inch wormsJog to end of fence and backSkill: Ring muscle up / Baby muscle upWOD: 30 minute AMRAP3 Ring MURun 400mRest 1 minAccessory: 3 Rounds for quality15-25 GHD or weighted sit ups12 Dumbell posterior fly30 sec stretch of choice

Tuesday 6/11/19

Warm up: 2 Rounds9 KB DL6 KB Prying goblet squats3 x 3 way lungeBear crawl 50 ftStrength: Front SquatA) 12 min to establish 1RM for 5 sec pause front squatB) 12 min to complete 12 front squats using weight from (A). Break up as neededWOD: 5 RFT, 10 min cap9 DL (155/105)10 Box step ups […]

Monday 6/10/19

Warm up: Every 30 seconds for 6 minA) 10 sec active hangB) 1 inch wormC) 10 face pullsD) 10 sec dip holdStrength/WOD: 40 min cap10 rounds for total loadA) 1 per side SA DB or KB PressB) 1 strict weighted pull upC) 200m easy jog or row (not scored)Accessory: 3-5 Rounds to technical failureA) Ring […]

Saturday 6/8/19

Warm up: 3 rounds12 Mountain climbers9 Squat thrusts6 bent over flys (light & controlled)3 Pike Push ups Strength: Banded Barbell Row6 x 4, increase weight as able, but maintain bar speed WOD: Chipper, 18 min cap27 C2B Pull ups27 HSPU27 Feet Elevated Ring rows (Rx – body level at bottom)27 Ring dips27 Sumo DL High […]

Friday 6/7/19

Warm up:Bike or row 2 min, then find a jump rope2 Rounds10 big singles15 fast singles20 DU’s or 2 x 10 penguin clapsNext find a PVC10 Pass throughs2 x 5 Snatch DL2 x 5 Snatch Pulls2 x 5 Snatch High Pulls* 2 x 5 indicates to rest mid way. This implies more focus than one […]

Thursday 6/6/19

Warm up: Jog 300m or Row 400m, then grab a PVC5 strict presses5 / side front rack stretch with reverse lunge5 push presses5 front squats5 Thrusters Strength: 12 minutes to work up to a 3RM Thruster WOD: 10 Rounds, 20 min cap15 WBS (20/14)1 Rope climb*Use last week’s EMOM as a guide for pacing Accessory: […]

Wednesday 6/5/19

Warm up:Row 400m10 Pass throughs5 Beat swings8 BW squats4 Beat swings with knee raise6 Squat Thrusts3 KTE4 HR Push ups2 TTB Strength: None WOD: For time, 36 min capRow 400m4 KTE4 Burpees4 TTBRow 800m8 KTE8 Burpees8 TTBRow 1600m16 KTE16 Burpees16 TTB Row 800m8 KTE8 Burpees8 TTBRow 400m4 KTE4 Burpees4 TTBAccessory: 3 x 30 sec eaQuadraped wrist […]