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Thursday 10/17/19

Warm up: AMRAP 8 Bike or row 1 min (easy > moderate)* Bottoms up rack carry 50 ft per side *may partner up and trade off ea round Strength (after WOD): 3-5 Rounds 30 sec ea side suitcase hold (HEAVY) KB arm bar 3 x 5 breaths ea side WOD: For max calories (20 min […]

Wednesday 10/16/19

Warm up: 3 Rounds Jog to end of fence and back 10 sec L-sit (scale unless max is at least 20 sec) 20 DU’s 30 sec row * DU scale: 1) 10BS + 10 PC, 2) 10FS + 10 PC, 3) 10PC +1 0 DU attempts Strength: Max effort L-sit *Three attempts record ea, best […]

Tuesday 10/15/19

Warm up: Lateral shuffle 100 ft 1 Bear complex with PVC 5 Scapular pull ups 5 Ring Rows 5 Beat swings Lateral shuffle 100ft 1 Bear complex with empty bar 5 Jumping pull ups 5 Jumping chest to bar pull ups 5 Jumping bar muscle ups Strength (After WOD): Single arm dumbbell bench press 5 x 5 […]

Monday 10/14/19

Warm up: 4 Rounds 5 Kang Squats (PVC) 10 OH Lunges (PVC) 15 DU’s 20 sec bike or row (increased intensity ea round) *DU scale changes ea round: Big Singles, Fast Singles, Penguin Claps, DU attempts Strength: Warm up to DL and Lunge weight WOD: 6 Rounds for time, 24 min cap 5 DL (Rx […]

October Member of the Month: Matt Pike

CrossFit Thoroughbreds Member of the Month Name: Matt Pike Hometown: Little Rock, AR Age: 31 Hobbies / Interest outside of CrossFit: Astronomy, MMA, twerking, Chinese buffets (Shout out to Buffet City), DJing, updating my bio on famersonly.com How long have you been at CrossFit Thoroughbreds: May 2019 Favorite WOD or movement: Leaving the premises – […]

Friday 10/11/19

CrossFit Open WORKOUT 20.1 10 rounds for time of: 8 ground-to-overheads 10 bar-facing burpees Time cap: 15 minutes Rx’d(Rx’d Ages 16-54) Women 65 lb. Men 95 lb. Scaled (Scaled Ages 16-54) Women 45 lb., may step over bar on burpees Men 65 lb., may step over bar on burpees Teenagers 14-15  Women 45 lb., Men […]

Thursday 10/10/19

Warm up: 3 min bike or row 1 Coach led TGU each side (slow) Strength (performed after WOD): Superset, 3-5 Rounds A) 1 Bottoms up TGU per side B) 4 Spiderman lunges + 6 Bird Dogs WOD: Tabata A) Bike B) Hollow Rock C) Rower D) Side plank (alternate ea round) Accessory: 3 x 30 […]

Wednesday 10/9/19

Warm up: 3 Rounds Jog to end of fence and back 3 Baby MU 6 Ring alternating scapular pull ups (3 / side) 9 Body weight squats *additional warm up time provided after WOD review Strength: None WOD: 35 min AMRAP 2 Ring Muscle ups 8 Toes to Ring 200m run 800m row Accessory: Goat […]