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August Member of the Month: Amy Martin

Member of the Month Badge | CrossFit Thoroughbreds | Fort Myers

This month we honor a member who has inspired us with her consistency and positivity. Amy is a regular in the morning classes and truly embodies the sense of community that we believe in here at CrossFit Thoroughbreds. She is always there to support and cheer for those around her and this month we want to take the opportunity to cheer for her. Thank you Amy for being such an amazing member of the Thoroughbreds family!


Amy Martin

Hometown? Ochopee, Fl

Age? 40

Hobbies or interests outside of Cross Fit?

Healthier lifestyle, time with my family, outdoors activities, motorcycles and tattoos.

How long have you been at CFTB?

Since July 2015.

Favorite WOD or movements?

\My favorite movement is Deadlifts!!!

Tell us about your fitness journey?

I have always struggled with my weight as an adult. I began a few years ago where I lost 35 pounds on my own and was doing at home workouts. It just didn’t seem enough and I plateaued. I became interested in CrossFit after I worked Thunderdome in 2015. My former PA I worked with was a member of CFTB and after one Saturday session with Coach Brian, I became hooked.

How has your fitness changed since joining CFTB?

I started in July 2015 and have never lifted a weight in my life. And now a year later, at age 40 with 4 kids, I am down a total of 48 pounds with proper nutrition from Visalus, the intense workouts from CFTB, and with the support from my amazing coaches and CFTB family, I am stronger and feel better than I did in my 20s. It has been a total life changer.

Favorite memory at CFTB?

When I did my very first PR on deadlifts with Coach Jeremy.

Any advice for new members or people thinking about trying Cross Fit?

Just do it!!! There will be bad days and amazing days. Always show up and give it your all. The only one holding you back, is you!!!