Saturday 2/29/20

Warm up:
3 Rounds
5 sec ea
– Active hang on high rings
– Ring support on low rings
– Ring dip on low rings(bottom)
Bike or row 90 sec
3 Baby MU

Strength (after WOD): 5 Rounds
5 Strict HSPU (add defecit if able)
5 / side heavy DB Row

WOD: 30 MU for time
*Rx is ring

Accessory: 5 x 20 reps ea, no rest
BB bicep curl
Band tricep pull down
Band Pull apart
Wide Grip push up

Notes: Scale for WOD is 30 pull ups + 30 dips for time, may break up
any way. Accessory is optional, but meant to be performed continuous
(no rest) elevate hands for push up as needed.

Friday 2/28/20

Warm up: 5 Rounds
1 min bike or row @ moderate pace
10 DU’s  (scale = BS, FS, PC, 2 x PC or DU attempts)
1 x Supine to stand (no hands if possible)

Strength: None

WOD1 : “Annie”, 12 min cap
50, 40, 30, 20, 10
DU’s (x3 singles if experienced)
Sit ups

WOD 2: Tabata Bike
*8 x 20 sec – MAX EFFORT!

WOD 3: Tabata side plank
*switch sides ea round, add hip abduction if able

Notes: Ab mats recommended, but not required.

Accessory: Choose 1
A) 1 mile recovery run
B) 2 mile recovery bike
C) 10 min mobility of your choice

Notes: Allow for recovery between WOD’s to maximize intensity. Classes
of 10 or less can Run all athletes through Annie and then perform WODs
2 & 3 staggered. Larger classes may run two heats of Annie and have
athletes self-time on bike.

Thursday 2/27/30

Warm up: 2 Rounds
3 min row, then grab a PVC
6 Squat stretches (no reach)
6 Shoulder stretches with bar on back
6 PVC back squats
6 BTN push press with recovery
6 Spiderman lunge with OH reach
6 PVC lunges
6 Pass throughs
6 Squat stretch with OH reach
6 PVC OH squats

Strength (May be performed 2nd, see notes): 12 min EOMOM
15 Heavy Russian or Double KB swings

WOD (May be performed first, see notes): 12 min for max reps
30 OH Squats (135/95)
30 Lunges (135/95)
30 Back Squats (135/95)
AMRAP Calorie row in remaining time

Foam roll glutes 90 sec / side
3 x 30 sec Band assisted PNF hamstring stretch

Notes: Smaller classes perform WOD first, larger classes will start
one group with WOD and one group with Strength. WOD weight should be
scaled if unable to perform at least 10 reps at Rx load (when fresh

Wednesday 2/26/20

Warm up: 3 Rounds
Jog 200m
4 burpee Box step ups
6 Hollow rocks
8 Sec tuck hang

Strength: None

WOD: For time, 45 min soft cap
21 TTB
21 Burpee Box Jumps
Run 1 Mile
15 TTB
15 Burpee Box Jumps
Run 1 mile
9 Burpee Box Jumps
Run 1 mile

Accessory: 1-3 Rounds
30 sec downward dog calf stretch L
30 sec spider man lunge L
30 sec cobra with sidebend L
30 sec pigeon pose L
30 sec downward dog calf stretch R
30 sec spider man lunge R
30 sec cobra with side bend R
30 sec pigeon pose R

Notes: Preferred scales include hanging leg raise and burpee box step
up. Scale reps and distance as needed.

Tuesday 2/25/20

Warm up: 3 Rounds
9 Goblet Squats (1 size lighter than planned WOD weight)
6 Push ups
3 Ring Rows
Jog to end of fence and back

Strength: See Part 1 of WOD
Warm up to 80-85% of Bench Press & Hang clean
*Suggested progression: 5 @ 50%, 4 @ 65%, 3 @ 75%, 2 @ 80-85%

WOD: 27 min running clock
Part 1 (Strength)
Min 0-18: Alternating EMOM
A) 4 Bench Press
B) 4 Hang Clean
C) 4 Strict C2B Pull ups
Part 2 (Recovery)
Min 18-21: Rest
Min 21-27: Alt EMOM (2 x 1 min per station, score is total reps)
Part 3 (Endurance / Conditioning)
A) ME Push ups
B) ME Goblet Squats (70/53)
C) ME Pull ups
*For Part 1 Score ea station separately, For Part 3 score is total reps.

Accessory: 3 x 30 sec ea
Hip 90/90 with shoulder mobility reach

Notes: Bench press MUST be spotted. No exceptions unless using safety
pins. Hang clean is from above the knee and involves full squat.
Strict C2B pull ups may be scaled with thin band. If scaled to
eccentric pull up, reduce volume to 2-3 reps and focus on quality of
lowering. For strength portion goblet squat may be performed with KB
or DB. Preferred scale for push up is hands elevated on box or bench
(record height). Preferred scale for pull up is ring row.

Monday 2/24/20

Warm up:
5-Cone suicide Jog / backpedal
Complex of 2 Inch worms + 4 Spiderman lunge with OH reach (total) + 6
Birddogs (total)
5-cone lateral shuffle
Complex of 2 Inch worms + 4 Spiderman lunges with OH reach + 6 Birddogs
5-cone lateral shuffle
Complex of 2 Inch worms + 4 Spiderman lunges  with OH reach + 6 Birddogs

Strength: Warm up to 85% of DL 1RM
*Suggested progression: 5 @ 50%, 4 @ 65%, 3 @ 75%, 2 @ 85%

WOD: 6 Rounds, NFT
4 DL + 30 DU’s (DU’s not scored, treat as practice)
5-cone Suicide (score is fastest round)
*Rest between movements, aim for approx 5 min / round

Accessory: 3 Rounds
10 Defecit Calf raises + 30 sec calf stretch
10 Single leg bridges + 30 sec half kneeling hip flexor stretch (ea side)

Notes: Strength score is DL weight. WOD score is fastest 5-cone
suicide time. Athletes who are proficient with DU’s should perform
them immediately after DL and aim for UB sets. Athletes working on
DU’s may rest and break up sets as needed. DU’s are not scored.

Saturday 2/22/20

Warm up:
Jog 400, Row 500, or bike 0.5 mi
Review Snatch mechanics and baby MU
3 Rounds
3 Baby MU
3 Snatch with PVC
*provide additional time for warm up and scaling after WOD review

Strength (After WOD): 3-5 NFT
Seated rope sled pull 50 ft + sled drag reset
6 Double DB Pause DL – 2 sec pause at bottom (not touching ground), AHAP

WOD (Performed First): “Amanda” 9, 7, 5 – 15 min cap (see notes)
Ring Muscle Up
Squat Snatch (135/95)

Accessory: 3 Rounds
Quadraped T-spine rotation – 5 slow breaths / side
Partner assisted hanging T-spine extension

Notes: The 15 min time cap for Amanda means that athletes may move
slowly (only 42 reps in 15 min), but athletes who are not CONSISTENT
with both movements should scale. With appropriate scaling, most
athletes should aim to finish this well under the cap. Athletes who
are scaling may choose a difficult version and perform in small sets
(example chest to bar or strict pull ups as singles with little rest
would be acceptable). Scale for MU will include both the pull ups and
dip portion.

Friday 2/21/20

Warm up: Rowling!
5 Rounds of 100m
Between ea round perform:
4 Inchworm to spiderman lunges (total)
3 Reverse burpees
2 Air squat penalty for every meter over or under (max 10)

Strength (After WOD): 20 min AMRAH
Skill practice of choice – choose 1
A) Handstand hold or walk
B) Pistols
C) Pull-up / Muscle up
D) Mobility (your choice)
300m recovery walk
*See coach for details

WOD (Performed First): Tabata
A) Bike
B) Side plank with hip abduction
C) Row
D) Hollow body hold
*Score is total calories

Accessory: Healthy habit
State out loud one healthy habit you will demonstrate this weekend!

Notes: For skill practice, athlete will choose a target movement.
Coach will help in assigning appropriate work. Examples include 10
shoulder taps + 20 sec handstand hold on wall, 10 eccentric pistols to
low box, 10 sec false grip hang + 5 baby MU, etc. Athlete will
complete assigned task and than take a 300 m recovery walk. Continue
until 20 min has passed. Tasks may be assigned at coach’s discretion.

Thursday 2/20/20

Warm up: 2 Rounds
1st round coach-led with PVC, 2nd round self-paced with empty bar
6 Thrusters
6 OH Lunges
6 Bar facing burpee

Strength (After WOD): 10 min EMOM
10 HEAVY Russian or double KB swings
*Score is load used. If weight is changes, score is average load used.

WOD (Performed first): 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 – 12 min cap
Hang Power Clean (115/85)
Thruster (115/85)
OH Lunge (115/85)
Bar facing burpee

2 min diaphragmatic breathing in supine squat (feet on wall)
2 min stretch of choice

Notes: WOD is a variation on the WOD from the previous 2 weeks. Time
cap and total reps are the same. Movements and load have changed.
Athletes should not attempt Rx load unless they FINISHED the WOD for
the previous two weeks.

Wednesday 2/19/20

Warm up: 2 Rounds, 1st coach led, 2nd at own pace
10 sec active hang
8 Downard dog calf stretches
6 Double DB RDL’s (LIGHT – reccomended 25/15)
4 Devils presses (As above)
200 m jog

Strength: Review sandbag and continue devil’s press warm up as needed

WOD: 35 min AMRAP
1 Legless rope climb
2 Sandbag over yoke
3 Devil’s Presses (50/35 per hand)
400m run

Accessory: 3 Rounds
Hip 90/09 position 30 seconds with 10 IR lifts
20 sec Frog + wrist extension stretch

Notes: Scale for legless rope climb may be standard rope climb or x 2
pull to stand. If unable to use heavy sandbags, use heavier slam ball
and THROW over yoke (make sure there is room) or over back into wall
(saves on room). Devi’s press should be heavy enough to be
challenging, but the Rx weight will not be appropriate for many