Tuesday 11/12/19

Tuesday 11/12/19

Warm up: Squat Potato

Strength: TEST – Max Effort Back Squats
Rx Load – Body Weight (M) / 70% Body Weight (F)
Scaled – 50% Body Weight (M) / 35% Body Weight (F)

WOD: 10 min AMRAP
50 Russian Swings (70/53)
50 Box Step ups (24/20)

Accessory: 3 x 30 sec ea
Banded bridges (30 reps)
Seated hamstring stretch

Notes: Max effort back squat test is intended as an endurance test.
Athletes may scale if Rx weight (their own body weight) exceeds 70% of
their max. Athletes may use safetly pins, spotters, or drop, but MUST
have a plan for a missed rep.

Monday 11/11/19

Warm up:
Jog 200m
10 HR push ups with shoulder mobility reach
10 Scapular pull ups (break up as needed)
10 Lateral box step overs
10 Beat Swings (break up as needed)
10 Squat Jumps

Strength (After WOD): Tempo DB Row
5 x 4 @ (5:2:X:2)
*See notes for details

WOD: “21 Guns” – 21 min AMRAP
400m run
21 Push ups
21 Box jumps
15 Burpees
9 Pull ups

Accessory: Beach Prep
3 Rounds
Bicep Curl 21’s (EZ curl bar or straight bar)
30 sec hollow body hold

Notes: For tempo DB row, athletes will start each rep from slight
scapular protraction. The athlete will first set the scapula by
pulling into retraction (shoulder blade pulled back, then explosively
pull the dumbell toward the rib cage. The athlete will then hold the
top position for 2 seconds. This will be difficult and will
substantially lower the manageable load. The athlete will then lower
the dumbell slowly for 5 seconds and allow the scapula to fall back
into slight protraction before starting the next rep.

Saturday 11/9/19

To be determined upon release of Crossfit Open 20.5

Friday 11/7/19

CrossFit Open 20.5. We made it!

Thursday 11/7/19

Warm up:
3 min easy bike or row
10 pass throughs
5 PERFECT reps each
Low Bar Back Squat
High Bar Back Squat
Front Squat
OH Squat

Strength: 3-5 Rounds
Yoke carry 100 ft – Heavy
200m recovery walk
5 Press in squat (light, 2 sec pause at top, treat as mobility work)

WOD (performed first): For calories
Bike 3 min
Rest 3 min
Bike 2 min
Rest 2 min
Bike 1 min

2 min T-spine extension on foam roller
Then 3 Rounds
30 sec banded lat stretch / side
2 min foam rolling glutes
Then 3 Rounds
30 sec single leg stance in figure 4

Notes: For press in squat (front rack Sotts press) athlete will use
PVC or empty bar. Every press will start and finish in the bottom of
the squat. Athletes who lack the prerequisite mobility may perform in
3/4 squat, 1/2 squat, etc. DO NOT compromise squat mechanics.

Wednesday 11/6/19

Warm up:
Jog 200m
10 downward dog calf stretches
5 Squat stretch with OH reach
10 lunge hip stretch (emphasis hip extension)
5 Defecit calf rasies (body weight, toes on 20lb plate)
Jog 200m
3 Sets DU practice (10-25 reps, no singles, but may use big singles,
fast singles, penguin claps, or DU attempts – athletes choice!)

Strength: None

WOD: Every 5 min for 30 min, score is SLOWEST round
25 DU’s
400 m run
*During rest complete 10-20 GHD sit ups. These do not influence the
score but must be completed before the next round. Scale to sit ups or
weighed sit up as needed. Add weight to GHD only if able to perform >
20 quality unbroken reps.

Accessory: 3 Rounds
100 ft monster walk (50 ft forward, 50 ft back)
30 sec GHD side plank hold
2-position ankle dorsiflexion (30 sec ea

November Member of the Month: Scott Clouser

Member of the Month Badge | CrossFit Thoroughbreds | Fort Myers

CrossFit Thoroughbreds Member of the Month

Name: Scott Clouser

Hobbies / Interest outside of CrossFit:

Outside of Crossfit, my hobby/interest is currently consumed by writing a book.  This book is the first piece of a program that is intended to create a culture of using social media to help us develop our core values and work on our overall wellness.

How long have you been at CrossFit Thoroughbreds:

I started at Crossfit Thoroughbreds in March of this year.

Favorite WOD or movement:

My favorite movement is handstand pushups, so long as I’m allowed to kip.

Tell us about your fitness journey:

I’ve always enjoyed playing team sports, and I’ve always enjoyed the health results of working out.  To me, discovering Crossfit has been the perfect combination of these.  And the best part is, there’s a feeling that we’re all on the same team, helping each other defeat our weaknesses.

How has your fitness journey changed since joining CrossFit Thoroughbreds:

Crossfit has a way of affecting other areas of my health.  Knowing a workout is coming up at the end of my workday keeps me focused on eating well and staying hydrated throughout the day.

Favorite memory at CrossFit Thoroughbreds:

My favorite memory at CrossFit Thoroughbreds has been participating in the current Open intramural competition.  I take my health seriously, but I’ve used this opportunity to remind myself to have fun with the journey.  These are the Crossfit Games, and games are meant to be fun, right?

Tuesday 11/5/19

Warm up:
3 Min row (vary pace and pay attention to cal/hr)
Then grab a light DB (If Rx go 35/25)
12 alternating SA DB DL
12 alternating SA DB high pull (may practice transitions)
6 DB Muscle snatches
6 DB Power snatches

Strength (Performed After WOD): Tempo Romanian DL
6 x 3 @ (4:1:x:1)

WOD (Performed first): 3 RFT, No time cap
20 DB Snatches (50/35)
30 Calorie Row

Accessory: 3 x 30 sec ea
Seated hamstring stretch
90/90 position with shoulder mobility reach (30 sec / side)

Notes: No time cap on WOD because (scaled appropriately) everyone
should finish. DB snatches should ideally be unbroken. Double overhead
grip for Tempo RDL. May use hook grip or straps if desired.

Monday 11/4/19

Warm up: 3 Rounds
1 min bike or row
2 Baby Muscle ups
3 x 3 way lunge
4 Scapular pull ups

Strength (After WOD): 3 Rounds, NFT, Chose weight that is difficult
but doesn’t require stopping, only compete with YOURSELF!
-Complex of:
 6 Front rack Lunges + 3 Push Presses + Immediately into AMRAP kipping
pull C2B or kipping pullups (see notes for details)

WOD (Performed first): For time, 12 minute cap
5 Ring MU
25 WBS (20/14)
5 Bar MU
25 WBS
5 Ring MU
25 WBS
5 Bar MU
25 WBS

Accessory: 3 x 30 sec ea
Couch stretch
Pec stretch at rig

Saturday 11/2/19

Friday 11/1/19

CrossFit Open 20.4 – TBA