Saturday 11/30/19

Warm up: 2 Rounds
200m easy
3 x 3-way lunge
4 standing figure four stretches (2 sec hold, focus on balance)
50 ft bear crawl

Strength: 4 Rounds
50 ft front rack lunges AHAP

WOD: 6 Rounds, NFT
Heavy sled push
30 sec hollow body hold

Accessory: Banded Hip Thrusts
3 x 10 AHAP followed by 100 unloaded reps in as few sets as possible
3 x 30 Hip 90/90 stretch

Notes: WOD is NFT, allow for full recovery between rounds.

Friday 11/29/19 9AM Class Only

9a.m. class only

Warm up:
Row 500m
PVC C@J Reveiw
Rope climb technique review

Strength (Performed after WOD): Every 30 sec for 10 min
A) 1-4 strict pull ups
B) 1-4 strict chin ups
*Score is total reps. Maximum is 80 reps. See notes for details.

WOD (Performed First): 9 Rounds*
1 C@J @ 82% of 1RM
1 Rope Climb
*See notes for time cap

Accessory: Choose 1
A) Endurance: 5 mile bike
B) Mobility: 3 x 30 sec ea – bretzel & childs pose lat stretch
C) Skill: Minimum 5 min skill practice of choice

Notes: Time cap for WOD is flexible. If class is larger, split into
two heats and have faster athletes go in heat 1. Allow time for slower
athletes to complete, but aim to start Strength (pull up / chin up
work) by no later than 20 till.

Thursday 11/28/19 8AM ONLY (HAPPY THANKSGIVING!)

8 a.m. class only.

Warm up:
400m Indian run
Then review movements and perform 11 reps of each

Strength: None

WOD: “Whitten” – 5 Rounds for time – Partner Optional
22 KB swings (70/53)
22 Box Jumps (24/20)
Run 400m
22 Burpees
22 WBS (20/14)

Accessory: 3 x 30 sec ea
Calf stretch at rig
Shoulder bridge

Notes: Hero WOD history below. This will be a long and difficult WOD
for most and partnering is encouraged for those not accustomed to high
volume. Partners will share reps and may divide any way they see fit
(i.e. I do 11, you do 11 or I do 1 , you do 1, etc.). Run may be
performed together if both partners are capable of the distance (1.25
mile total). 1/2 Whitten can also be made available as an option, but
partnering is preferred.

Army Captain Dan Whitten, 28, of Grimes, Iowa, assigned to the 1st
Battalion, 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team,
82nd Airborne Division, based out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina, died
February 2, 2010, when enemy forces in Zabul, Afghanistan, attacked
his vehicle with an improvised explosive device. Whitten is survived
by his wife, Starr Whitten, his mother, Jill Whitten, his father, Dan
Whitten, and his sister, U.S. Army Captain Sarah Whitten.

Wednesday 11/27/19

Warm up:
Jog 300m, then
2 Rounds with light KB (recommended 35/26)
10 Sumo DL
8 Hip hinges with KB behind back
6 Goblet squats
4 / side single leg KB DL
2 KB halos
*Choose weight based on upright row

Strength: Snatch Grip DL

WOD: Tabata
A) Bike
B) Suitcase Hold (switch hands after ea rep)
C) Row
D ) Suitcase Hold (as before)
*score is total calories, record suitcase hold weight in notes

Accessory: 3 x 30 sec ea
Sumo stance forward fold with wrist extension
Half kneeling hip extension (ea side)

Notes: Snatch grip DL implies that the hands are wide, but does not
require the athlete to set up with the same hip position as a snatch
(Snatch DL). No alternated grip. Hook grip recommended but not
mandatory today. Straps allowed if desired. Suitcase hold performed
with one dumbbell, kettlebell or farmers carry tube. No Rx, but should
be difficulty for 20 second holds.

Tuesday 11/26/19

Warm up: 3 Rounds
Row 1 min (increase pace ea round)
15 DU’s (Scale = penguin claps ea round)

Strength (After WOD): 12 min Alternating EMOM
Chose 3 (holds may range from 5-30 sec, stretches 30 sec)
B) L-sits
C) Inversions
D) Planks
E) Stretching
*See notes for further details

WOD: Teams of 3, 30 min cap
6K Row (as a team, split any way you like)
Annie (individually, each athlete must complete all reps)
*Only one member rows at at time. Reps for Annie may not be shared.
See notes for further details.

Accessory (Mandatory): Name at least one thing you are thankful for!

Notes: For the WOD athletes will complete a 6K team row. Only one
partner may row at at time. The partners who are not rowing may chip
away at “Annie” in any way they see fit. The goal  is to complete
“Annie” during the rest times without interfering with the row. All
athletes must be finished with both portions before the WOD is
complete. It is strongly recommended that athletes use a white board
or paper to check off reps of “Annie” as they go. For the “Strength”
portion, athletes will create their own alternating EMOM based on
needs. With three movements, they will get 4 rounds of each. Examples
could include (1) 4 Rounds of A) 10-sec L-sit, B) 15-sec wall facing
handstand, C) 30 sec straddle sit (2) 4 Rounds of A) 10 sec / side
front scale, (B) 30 sec plank, C) 30 sec butterfly stretch. Allow
athletes to be created, but be prepared to choose for them if they
don’t have any ideas.

Monday 11/25/19

Warm up: 3 Rounds
1 min bike or row
2 wall walk + 5 sec wall facing handstand hold
3 kip levers + 5 sec active hang
4 Ring rows + 5 sec dip hold
5 Back Squats + 5 sec pause squat (empty bar)

Strength: Back Squat – 15 min to work up to a heavy triple
Suggested progression: 5 @ 50%, 4 @ 65%, 3 @ 75%, 3 @ 80-85%, continue by feel

WOD: For time, 24 min cap
2 Rounds
– 5 Back Squats
– 5 Bar MU
– 5 Strict HSPU
2 Rounds
– 10 Back Squats
– 10 C2B Pull ups
– 10 Ring Dips
2 Rounds
– 15 Back Squats
– 15 Pull ups
– 15 Push ups
*1 Burpee penalty EVERY  time you break a set


Notes: Rx athletes should attempt to go unbroken and minimize burpee
penalties. Scaling should be INDIVIDUALIZED and allow all athletes to
find a version where they can ATTEMPT at least MOST sets unbroken.
Preferred scale for Bar MU is belly to bar pull up then C2B, pull up,
etc. No dip required since these are already in the workout. Preferred
HSPU scale is pike push up or strict DB press. Allow athletes to have
input on what version would challenge them but guide them if the
version is unrealistically easy or difficult.


Warm up:

Strength: 5 sets
1 Snatch + 1 Hang Snatch + 3 OHS

WOD: 16 min AMRAP
12 Cal Row
10 OH lunges (45/25)
*Score is total reps (1 round = 30 reps)

2 min T-spine extension on foam roller
3 x 30 sec ea
Cobra pose

Friday 11/22/19

Warm up:
Row 5 min @ 2K pace
Then 3 Rounds
5 sec squat stretch hold
5 sec hip hinge hold (back flat, hips high)
5 sec ring support
5 sec dip hold

Strength: Defecit DL
3 x 10 – increase average load approx 5% from last week’s numbers

WOD: Power “Elizabeth”, 12 min cap
21, 15, 9
Power Cleans (135/95, any style)
Ring dips

Accessory: 3 x 30 sec ea
Shoulder mobility reach
Pidgeon pose

Notes: Most athletes were guessing for last week’s deficit DL, so
increase may vary from athlete to athlete. 5% is a target, but
athlete’s may increase more or less as long as form is maintained. All
sets should be challenging. Preferred dip scale is box dip with feet
on ground (2 boxes if equipment allows).

Thursday 11/21/19

Warm up:
10 Ring Rows (focus on lat drive)
10 Big singles
10 sec hollow body hold
10 Fast singles
10 scapular pull ups
10 Penguin Claps
Review rope climb technique

Strength (Perform after WOD, stagger if class exceeds 10 people):
Every 15 min Alternating EMOM
A) 3 Wide Grip pull ups + 3 Standard Pull ups + 3 Narrow Grip Pull ups
B) Max UB DU’s or 1 min DU practice
C) Rest
*if scaling to eccentric, only 1 rep each position

WOD (perform first): Partner WOD, 12 min AMRAP
Max Calorie bike + 12 rope climbs (scale = x 2 pull to stands)
*score is total # of calories, however 10 calories are subtracted for
each rope climb NOT completed. Bike is always in motion with only one
partner biking at a time.

Wednesday 11/20/19

Warm up:
2 Rounds
5 / side Downward dog calf stretch
5 / side Plank shoulder touches
5-cone pattern
jog / back pedal (50%)
bear crawl
jog/ back pedal (65%)
normal pattern (85%)

Strength: 3 Rounds, NFT
3 min plank complex (side, standard, side, switch every 30 sec)
KB Rack carry to end of fence (Rx 53/35)
KB Palms forward farmers carry back

WOD (PERFORMED FIRST): 5 Rounds (every 3-4 min)
5-cone suicide (for time)
20 hollow rocks (NFT)
*Score is fastest time for suicide

Notes: Stagger as needed based on class size, but perform cone
suicides first if possible. Score is fastest time, so athlete may use
1st or 1st and 2nd round as continued warm up. Rounds 3-5 should be
max efffort even is score does not improve.