Wednesday 5/1/19

Warm up:

Strength: Superset, 5 x 5 Bench + Chest to ring pull up
5 @ 50%, 5 @ 60%, 3 @ 70%, (5 x 5 @ 80%)
For chest to ring pull up scale to standard ring pull up or leg assisted as needed. Add weight only if maintaining chest to ring on all reps.

WOD A: Every 30 seconds till failure (10 min max)
Rx – 10 push ups
Scaled – 5 push ups

WOD B: 3 Rounds, NFT
10 per side SA ring row
30 sec handstad hold

Accessory: 3 x 30 sec ea
Shoulder mobility reach
Twisted Cross

May Member of the Month: Aaron Howell

Member of the Month Badge | CrossFit Thoroughbreds | Fort Myers

Name: Aaron Howell

Hometown: Kansas City, KS

Age: 33

Hobbies / Interest outside of CrossFit: Anything FSU, schutzhund training, shooting sports, talking about Game of Thrones, eating tacos, waiting for my wife to decide where she wants to eat.

How long have you been at CrossFit Thoroughbreds: I’ve been with CFTB since we moved to Fort Myers about 2 and a half years ago.

Favorite WOD or movement: Power cleans, they are the best.

Tell us about your fitness journey: I used to do the normal gym thing, thought I was doing well, then I tried CrossFit and realized I was weak and would not survive the winter.  I am big into researching everything.  If I need a new pair of socks, I will read everything there is about what the best socks are.  Once I went down the rabbit whole and realized HIIT was the best type of work out to perform, my choice was made.  It’s always tough going from ~$40 a month to ~$100+ on a gym, but once you realize the value in spending more money you can’t do anything else.

How has your fitness journey changed since joining CrossFit Thoroughbreds: Well I have definitely increased my ability to run further distances, even though I bitch at Brian about it.  Also, ever since our move from Atlanta I feel that I have put more effort into the workouts than I used to.  I believe that is more of a function of not being in the car as much than anything else.

Favorite memory at CrossFit Thoroughbreds: I don’t know if I have a single favorite memory at CFTB, but I always enjoy the 5 PM class and the people that attend it.  If CFTB was full of duds I definitely would have bounced a while ago, but luckily everyone that attends is cool to talk to and fun to work out with.

Tuesday 4/30/19

Warm up: 2 Rounds
12 penguin claps
1 Inch worm + 3 / side downward dog calf stretch
6 standing figure four stretches (3 / side)
3 Reverse burpees
Jog to end of fence and back

Strength: None

WOD: 3 Rounds for total reps (44 min running clock)
14 min for max reps
Run 1 mile buy in, then
15 TTB
30 DB snatch (50/35, total reps)
60 DU’s
90 Cal row
*Rest 1 min & record score*

3 x 30 sec 2-position ankle dorsiflexion
2 min foam rolling area of choice

Monday 4/29/19

Warm up: 2 Rounds
60 sec bike or row
6 Shoulder bridges
4 Goblet squats
2 Max height jumps
Review clean points of performance

Strength Clean 5 x 5 + Dip Hold Complex
5 @ 50%, 5 @ 60%, 3 @ 70%, (5 x 5 @ 80%, not touch and go)
Between working sets perform dip hold complex below
Dip hold complex – 10 sec ring support, 10 sec 1/2 dip, 10 sec dip hold (bottom position)

WOD: 3 Rounds, NFT
50 ft offset lunge (ea side)
50 Heavy Unbroken Russian swings (select weight that allows 50 UB)

Accessory: 3-4 Rounds
30 sec hamstring stretch on box
30 sec couch stretch
5 – position pause pull up (top, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, bottom with active shoudlers)

Saturday 4/27/19

Warm up: 3, 2, 1

Min bike or row

Wide push ups

Push ups

Diamond Push ups

Pike Push ups

Strength: Banded Slight Incline Bench Press
5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1

* Adjust by feel, but focus on SPEED!

WOD: 3-5 Rounds, NFT

50 ft Rope sled pull (heavy and slow!) ea athlete resets sled form next athlete

12 sledge hammer swings (6 / side)

30 sec handstand hold (free standing or wall facing)

Suitcase carry to end of fence, switch hands for return (53/35 or as needed)

Accessory: 3 x 30 sec ea

Wrist extension stretch

Lunge with sidebend

Friday 4/26/19

Warm up:

3 min row, then

With empty bar

5 Snatch DL

Snatch Grip Bent over row

5 Snatch pulls from power position

5 Snatch pulls from above the knee hang

5 snatch pulls from below the knee hang

5 snatch pulls

Strength: Snatch Pull

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1

Increase weight as able, but emphasize bar speed & path

WOD: 15 min AMRAP

10 Med ball sit ups

15 WBS

20 Box step ups with med ball

25 Cal row

Accessory: 3 Rounds

x 12 single leg bridge

30 sec bretzel ea side

Thursday 4/25/19

Warm up:

2 min bike or row

3 Rounds

Bear crawl 50 ft

Lunge to inchworm 50 ft

Review hollow body and bird dog

Strength: None

WOD A: Tabata

A) Bike

B) Hollow Body Hold

C) Row

D) Bird Dog hold

WOD B: 1 mile run with vest

Accessory: 3 Rounds
10-20 reps Chaos side plank with hip abduction

30 sec Frog stretch

Wednesday 4/24/19

Warm up:
5 scapular wall slides
4 Ring rows
3 Scapular pull ups + 10 sec active hang
2 Strong beat swings
1 Wall walk (2 inch worms)

Strength: 5 Rounds, NFT
5 Strict deficit HSPU (scale = strict press)
2 Legless rope climbs (scale = 2-4 pull to stands or 2 / side rope pull ups)

WOD: 5 Rounds for time, 12 min cap
9 Hang Clean + Push press (75/55)
9 Pull ups
Rest 1 min

Push ups – if not sore from yesterday’s WOD, take up to 10 minutes to perform 120% of last week’s push up score (example: if last week you completed 50 push ups in the WOD, complete 60 today). These are not for time, they are for quality. Break up as needed. Perform one of the following shoulder stretches between sets (perform bilateral version for 30 sec). If still fatigued or sore from yesterday’s man makers, may perform stretch only.
A) Pec stretch
B) Triceps stretch
C) Shoulder extension Biceps Bonus – If time allows, perform 3 x 20 bicep curls. May use straight bar or two DB’s

Tuesday 4/23/19

Warm up:
200m jog
10 Ring rows
2 Inch worms
10 Plank shoulder touches (same shoulder)
2 Inch worms
10 BW squats
Review  man makers & scaling

Strength: None

WOD: 40 min for max reps (reps = man makers + calories)
Run 400m
4 man makers (35/25)
Run 800m
8 man makers
Run 1 mile (1,600m)
16 man makers
Run 800m
8 man makers
Run 400m
4 man makers
In remaining time row for max calories

Notes: Bikes may be used for larger classes. Man maker may be scaled by reducing weight or by performing without weight. If performed without weight the athlete will use a shoulder tap (same side) in place of the row and use a standard push up or knee push ups rather than simply dropping to the floor like a burpee.

Accessory: 3 x 30 sec ea
hip 90/90
1/2 kneeling hip extension

MONDAY 4/22/19

Warm up:
5 prisoner squats squats + 5 pass throughs (standing)
Over under down and back
5 high bar back squats + 5 pass throughs in 1/2 squat
Lunge + ankle mob down, walking figure four stretch back
5 OH squats + 5 Pass throughs in squat
Jog down, power skip back
5 OH squats with empty bar or training bar before starting first warm up set

Strength: Overhead Squat, 3-5 working sets
5 @ 50%, 5 @ 65%, 3 @ 70%, (3-5 x 5 @ 80%)

WOD: 10 min cap
DL (Rx 275/195, Scaled 185/125) – 10, 8, 6, 4, 2
DU’s – 100, 80, 60, 40, 20
*if able to DU’s but not consistently scale by doing 1/2 the reps (50, 40, 30, 20, 10). If performing singles, double the number (maximally) if appropriate.

Accessory: 3-4 Rounds
5 / side slow box step downs – SLOW
Straddle sit hamstring stretch
Calf stretch (both sides) 30 sec