Wednesday 3/21/18

Strength: 1 set every 90 sec for 12 sets
1 hang snatch pull + 1 hang snatch high pull + 1 power snatch

WOD: “Elizabeth” 21, 15, 9 (12 min cap)

Clean (Rx 135/95; Scaled 95/65)
Ring Dip

Accessory: 3 Rounds

8 SL hip thrusts / side
Shoulder mobility reach 30 sec / side with diaphragmatic breathing

Tuesday 3/20/18

Strength: Pendlay Row
6 x 3 AHAP – Explosive!
WOD: Chipper, 15 min cap
25 Pull ups
25 Box Jumps
25 Chin ups
25 Burpees
25 TTB

Monday 3/19/18

Strength: 20 min to complete 3-5 Sets, record heaviest successful complex
1 Set = 3 x 3 Front Squats + 1 Push Press
WOD: 12 min AMRAP
Run 200m
Max UB WBS (20/14)*
scale weigh up if Karen time is under 6 min
Accessory: 3 Rounds
10 Deficit Pushups
30 sec couch strecth per side

Friday 3/16/18

CrossFit Open Workout 18.4 – TBA

March Members of the Month: Dan & Allyson Banks

Member of the Month Badge | CrossFit Thoroughbreds | Fort Myers

Allyson Banks 

Hometown:  Pittsburgh

Age: 32

Hobbies or Interest outside of CrossFit:  Running, our corgi Ybor, Going to the beach/boat days, and I’m usually always planning a vacation. Also, I’m pretty sure if department store bargain shopping were a sport, I would be an elite competitor.

How long have you been at CFTB: Originally started in 2010 during our first stint in SWFL. We moved to Washington DC from 2014-2017 but rejoined the week we returned. It was so nice seeing so many familiar faces and meeting everyone that had joined while we were gone.

Favorite WOD or movements: Double Unders

Tell us about your fitness journey:  When I started crossfit late 2009, I was 24, 10 lbs “lighter”, running 20-30 miles a week, but the definition of skinny fat. I was never a runner, always had been an athlete in high school, but starting training for random races because I didn’t know what else to do. Dan introduced me to Crossfit while we were dating in Alabama and has been a part of our lives ever since.

How has your fitness journey changed since joining CFTB? Before we left for DC, I thought I was in the best shape I could be for me, with Thoroughbreds help. Even though we were crossfitting in DC, I let the “things are just harder in your 30s” mindset set in, and I wasn’t pushing myself to my maximum potential. I took some major steps backwards specifically strength wise. Since we have been back at CFTB, I have been training harder, regained control of my diet, and feel better than I did in my 20s. I’m excited to keep pushing myself to get back the strength I once had and see what new PRs I can set.

Favorite memory at CFTB: Friday night group workouts were always my favorite. Unfortunately with my work schedule now they aren’t possible for me, but it’s the moments after the workouts that give CFTB the character that it has.

Any advice for new members or people thinking about trying CrossFit: I mean, do you really want to do bicep curls, by yourself, in some big gym where no one talks to each other? It is not motivating and simply boring. I once read if you want results (in anything), get a coach. You get a coach AND a community with crossfit. Time flies, you will meet new friends, have fun, and within no time you will look back in awe of your progress and accomplishments.

Dan Banks

Hometown:  Atlanta, GA

Age: 41

Hobbies or Interest outside of CrossFit: I used to play a lot of rugby for the most part I have retired.

How long have you been at CFTB: Since November this 2nd time around, 4 yrs previously before moving to DC

Favorite WOD or movements: I like rowing and deadlifts. Thrusters are my sworn enemy.

Tell us about your fitness journey: Played basketball and rugby growing up I have Crossfitted with generally lower levels of commitment and intensity for 8-9 years. Lately I have been trying to be more diligent and particularly in the last 5 months I have really focused on cleaning up my diet and it has made all the difference in terms of energy level and improvement. I’m excited to see what the next year will bring in terms of fitness and strength gains.

How has your fitness journey changed since joining CFTB? Brian and the rest of the CFTB team have always been knowledgeable and helpful, I just didn’t always listen. With a renewed commitment to attendance and cleaning up my diet I am seeing a lot of positive changes. Wish I would’ve started sooner.

Favorite memory at CFTB: Betting Darrian Barnett I could beat his deadlift and pulling #555 (a long time ago when I was bigger and stronger).

Any advice for new members or people thinking about trying CrossFit: Crossfit is awesome but it isn’t magic; the rewards it provides are directly proportional to your level of commitment and consistency.

Thursday 3/15/18

Speed: Each performed as a separate test (for time)
A) 1 mile Bike
B) 1 mile Row
C) 1 mile Run
*Rest at least 3 min between events
WOD: 3-4 rounds or as time allows (NFT but with goal of continuously moving)
5 half get ups / side
Partner resisted lateral shuffle 50 ft ea way
30 sec L-sit (accumulate as needed)
SA farmers carry to end of fence and back (switch hands for return)
Accessory: Keep fingers crossed (for a good open workout!)

Tuesday 3/13/18

15 min to establish 3RM Thruster
WOD: 2 Rounds, 9 min cap
30 Hang Squat Cleans (Rx 95/65; Scaled 65/45)
30 Thrusters
30 Strict HSPU (Rx as written; Scaled – Pike Push up or DB strict press)
A) Bike Tabata
B) Ring dip 3 x 10, add weight if able

Monday 3/12/18

Strength: 12 min alternation EMOM

A) 2 Rope climbs (any style)
B) 3 Muscle Snatches
WOD: For time, 18 min cap
15 DL(Rx+ 275/195; Rx 225/155; scaled 185/130)
15 Pull ups (Rx+ C2B; Rx Standard; Scaled Ring Row)
15 Box Jumps (24/20 all divisions, Scaled may perform step ups)
Run 800m
15 Box Jumps
15 Pull ups
15 DL
GHD hip extension 3 x 10
Bilateral hamstring stretch 3 x 30 sec

Friday 3/9/18

CrossFit Open 18.3 – TBA

Thursday 3/8/18

Strength: None
WOD: 35 min running clock
Run 1.5 mi (2,400m), then
10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60…
Cal Row
50  ft handstand walk after each row interval (scale = 100ft bear crawl)
Calf stretch 3x 30 sec / side
Squat stretch with OH reach – 3 x 3-5 breaths / side