Monday December 19

Strength: Bench Press 3×2@95% + 1 AMRAP set @75%
WOD: 12 min EOMOM
Even: 10 push-ups
Odd: 10 KB Swings (RX+ 70/53, RX 53/35, Scaled 35/26)
Accessory: plank, side plank, hollow rock (30s each, 30s rest between)

Friday December 16

Strength: DB Row 3×12/arm
WOD: (18 min cap)
Buy-in: 800m run
3 rounds:
10 burpees to target
20 v-ups
Cash out: 800m run
Accessory: DB SA Press 3×10/arm

Thursday December 15

Strength: Deadlift 3×2@95% + 1 AMRAP @75%
WOD: 15 min cap
“Christine” 3 rounds
500m row
12 Bodyweight DL
21 Box Jumps (24/20)

Wednesday Dec 14

Skill: Rope Climbs 2×2 as fast as possible or practice
WOD: 20 min cap
Wall Balls
Accessory: plank, side plank, hollow body holds (2 sets, 30s work/30s rest)

Finding Your Why

Why do you do Crossfit?  Is it just an hour of movement?  Stress relief?  Do you want to compete?  To lose weight? Get stronger? Or both?

Your “why”, the reason why you have chosen to do Crossfit, should be a personal thing.  When you wake up in the morning, your “why” should be the driving force in getting you to the gym…not the scores on the whiteboard.  Too often I see people getting sucked into who “won the workout” instead of spending time on self-analysis of their own workout.  For example, if you are working on a skill that may slow down your workout time (ie toes to bar), you should be concerned with developing that skill and not scaling to knees to elbows in order to “win the workout”.

Prior to the workout, I like to set expectations of how the workout should go (intensity, duration, skill involved).  How did I sleep the night before? How am I feeling in general?  How has my nutrition been?  Have I been recovering properly?  Where are my strengths and weaknesses within the workout?  The questions I always ask myself after every workout are: How was my time compared to my goal? (if that was one of my goals at all!) Did I do all the movements with good form?  Did I ensure all of my repetitions would have been counted if I was competing?

For those reasons, I’m rarely concerned where I finish in a workout compared to other people.  If I had a horrible night’s sleep and the person I’m comparing myself to slept 8 hours, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a better workout than I did.  What I will do, is compare my time to people with a similar skill level, to see if my “planning” worked (ie planned rest breaks, pacing strategy).  Or, if it is a benchmark workout I’ve already done, I compare my score to my previous to see if I’ve improved.

Being concerned with what other people are doing or not doing should not be your “why”.  If you stay focused on your progress, others will follow because they will see you getting better.


Tuesday Dec 13

Endurance: 4x200m (rest = run time)
WOD: 18 min cap
1,000m row
50 FT handstand walk (or 3 wall walks)
20 Hang Power snatches (75/55)
10 lateral burpees over bar
Accessory: upper body stretch

Monday December 12

Strength: 30 min to find 1RM back squat
WOD: 12 min cap
40 double unders
25 ball slams
40 double unders
25 toes to bar
40 double unders
25 ball slams
40 double under

Friday December 9

Strength: Good Mornings 4×8 AHAP
WOD: 4 rounds (25 min cap)
100FT Sled Push
10 sledgehammers per side
1 heavy TGU per side
Plate OH carry to end of fence and back

Thursday December 8

Warmup power cleans for WOD
“CLR” 20 min cap
1 mile run, 40 pull-ups, 20 Power Cleans RX+155/105, RX 135/95, Scale 95/65
* Rest 5 min
WOD: 3 min max bike/row cals
Accessory: 3×10 GHD flute ham raises

Wednesday December 7

Strength: Snatch (squat)
1×50%, 2×3@60%, 3×2@65%, 1×75%, 1×80%, 1×85%
WOD: 12 min Skill EMOM (change movement every min, 4 rounds per movement)
5 KB push press per arm (choose a weight that is heavy but not impossible)
7 Burpees
9 Hollow Rocks (don’t rush through these, make them count!)